1-Bit Memory Module 8-Bit Addressed

    1-Bit Memory Module 8-Bit Addressed v.3.0

    Noticed some strange behavior which I added an explanation for via display modules in the template. This seems to be due to timing issues with which blocks get updates first in Starmade. Not necessarily a bug per say as there is no right way to order the updates for logic blocks as far as I know but the Tldr is this:
    When the data input is the opposite value of the end value of either the maximize or zeroize input, they will act as an inverter for all the memory modules latches instead of just maximizing or zeroizing as expected. However, when the data input is the same as the end state of all latches it acts as expected. The only fix I found was to use delays to control the data input as well as the clock/enable input(s). However to avoid building in unneeded delay it's a feature for now ;p. If there are too many problems due to this let me know it's not too much trouble to implement the delay if needed. As always thanks for your time and if you have any questions, feedback or comments please let me know.


    P.S. For anyone else who noticed that their text in the display modules sometimes gets deleted when creating a new template, this is an old bug that has yet to be fixed (Already reported it myself) that occures when you use switched build/delete buttons. Hope that helps some1 out whos wanting to share templates with text.
    Uses denser version of multiplexer/demultiplexer and removed unneeded OR-Gates. These changes lead to a smaller volume and dimensions, as well as fewer total blocks needed to do the same thing. However same as for the newer version of the multiplexer, having more individual connections to few logic blocks causes Starmade to struggle more until it one day hopefully gets more optimized. In general i'd consider this an improvement but same as the multiplexer you may want to use version 2.0 if your on a weaker machine or until logic gets an optimization in a future release.

    Version 03
    Dimensions: 16x18x7
    Volume: 2,016 Blocks^3
    Activator: 19
    AND : 1027
    Button : 4
    Flip-Flop: 256
    NOT : 276
    OR : 263
    Wireless : 0

    Logic Count Total: 1,845
    Saved a few hundred here mostly OR blocks but some ANDs as well...


    Latch type changed from older NAND-SR-Latches to utilizing the included starmade JK-Flip-flop blocks by gating their input. Uses multiplexer/demultiplexer design(s) from previously shared template(s) available here:

    Version 02
    Dimensions: 19x18x7
    Volume: 2,394 blocks^3
    Activator: 18
    AND : 1093
    Button : 3
    Flip-Flop: 256
    NOT : 276
    OR : 327
    Wireless : 0 (We have templates now yay)

    Logic Count Total: 1,973
    Saved aproximately 1,000 blocks per each bit memory module.