This version fixes a little ( but in long term fatal for performance) leak, where the server would keep trying to send a ping to invalid connections.
    It also fixes several bugs with the display on clients and adds some valuable debug information for client-server lag compensation debugging.

    I'm not very active with new features at the moment, because until the playdate on Friday is over, I'm going to fully concentrate on bugfixing.
    The great community of the subreddit r/Playdate from made it possible for me to have my first bigger test for StarMade. I'm very thankful for that.
    If you you don't know about Reddit yet you should definitely check it out.

    The playdate will be on Friday, Mar. 02 @ 8:00 PM EST [Countdown]

    Here is the official thread:

    Thanks to everyone who made this possible and everyone who has helped me out already fixing a lot of bugs,
    I couldn't have made it any cheesier. Sorry for that ^^
    StarMade now has entered the stage of versions.
    Why didn't it have versions before? Well, since I was the only one playing the game and the server wasn't checking for the client's version, there was no need for that. I had a quasi-version system by buildnumber up until now.
    Servers will now check the version of the client that is trying to connect, and deny it if the versions differ. Also there will soon be a help page available that will contain more detailed information on how to play the game.

    Have fun with the first Version 0.01!

    StarMade is launching it first MiniGame: Team DeathStar Match

    The goal of the mini game is to eliminate the enemy death star. More information will soon be available.
    Try it out:

    Also there is now a dedicated server running under the address: