StarMade now has it's own Updater. It will automatically track the current version of your StarMade installation, and you can update to the newest Version in one Click. It will also back up your current installation so you won't be in danger of losing any of your StarSade data

    The Updater also serves as a universal launcher, so the specific Windows, Mac and Linux startup scripts are no longer needed. This is a relief especially for mac users, who had a hard time starting up the game.
    lag issues and bugs fixed: This major network protocol update finally gets rid of lagging caused by players with high pings and the bugs and lags when more people are on one server. It also improves the performance of the Server, since the server has to deal with a lot less (falsely sent) updates.

    I hope it now runs smoothly even for higher ping connections. There still might be one or two bugs that come with the server update, but they are very easy to fix once identified.
    The new version gets rid of a LOT of wasted bandwidth which has been used mainly for debugging purpose. Servers will now be able to take a multiple of the load they could before. I will further increase the performance in later versions by using the faster but not reliable UDP in combination with the already implemented TCP (I know, that 'you're not supposed to do that', but in my opinion it's the best solution for my case. Discuss at the forum)

    The reddit playdate yesterday was a lot of fun! Also, it showed me a lot of new bugs (some of them already fixed) as well as some UI and balancing issues. Thanks to everyone who participated! I hope to do it again soon when all the issues are fixed
    This version fixes a little ( but in long term fatal for performance) leak, where the server would keep trying to send a ping to invalid connections.
    It also fixes several bugs with the display on clients and adds some valuable debug information for client-server lag compensation debugging.

    I'm not very active with new features at the moment, because until the playdate on Friday is over, I'm going to fully concentrate on bugfixing.
    The great community of the subreddit r/Playdate from made it possible for me to have my first bigger test for StarMade. I'm very thankful for that.
    If you you don't know about Reddit yet you should definitely check it out.

    The playdate will be on Friday, Mar. 02 @ 8:00 PM EST [Countdown]

    Here is the official thread:

    Thanks to everyone who made this possible and everyone who has helped me out already fixing a lot of bugs,