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    Red Shift (#1 On the official list!) - NO LONGER ACTIVE!!

    Discussion in 'Community Servers' started by Koderz, Jun 25, 2014.

    1. Koderz

      Jul 1, 2013
      You continue to show your ignorance... Where did I claim nobody else knows anything?

      If my reasons are "idiotic" then I guess it's time for you to explain how you would overcome them all. Let me know when you come up with an actual valid, well thought out answer to the various problems that are "idiotic."

      As for the cost of the server. That's because I don't run on cheap VPS servers that run like a snail. When I host servers I pick good hosts and high end hardware. Then I spend the time, effort and skill needed to optimize them for their task, secure them and then keep them as stable as possible. I have more work in the RS management programs that some small games. You can feel free to find another server as if RS ever comes back you'll be the first person I blacklist.

      As for the community growing, it requires more than just hundreds of servers. Even when it had hundreds of servers the game was bleeding players due to changes and instability. I can't solve that solely on the end of the server. If all it took to make a big game was a ton of servers then I have an account on Azure. I can throw up a few hundred servers in minutes for a game I made in 2 days... It doesn't mean I'm going to have a million players buy the game...

      You read my mind...

      I assume you're talking about Obi and I. I guarantee you I'm not his friend. I couldn't care less if he stopped responding. It's just funny watching his ignorant responses.
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    2. Maxajax

      Maxajax Praise the Omnissiah and strike down his foes

      Sep 17, 2013
      Sorry for necroing this thread yet again, but after reading this shit I didn't really have much of a choice.

      Starmade was even more nightmarish to host than it was to play. The only thing that kept people going was the raw promise that the game had, and dedicated admins like Koderz and Pepper. As someone who spent years playing on Red Shift after the Dutch server went belly-up, I can say with 100% certainty that it was a fantastic server with a vibrant player community and great staff, and you have no right to downplay the effort that those people took to make it the best server out there in it's heyday. Which it was. That is beyond dispute or debate. Certainly for pedantic fools who never played on it yet think they can give people like Koderz shit.
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    3. ObiShawnKenobi

      Jul 3, 2013
      Ok lol
    4. MilitantCollective

      MilitantCollective Ares Initiative Dev

      Dec 12, 2016
      Let shit die
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