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    Reactor Chamber effects

    Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Lancake, Oct 13, 2017.

    1. Lord Daro

      Feb 26, 2014
      I got an possible addition for the FTL Chamber: Interstellar Drive

      +This Effect would fundamentally alter the behavior of the base Jump Drive. It could have the Drive only operate correctly when the pilot has specifically targeted a Star.

      +In order to work with that concept, the basic range would have to be set a little over the mean distance between stars. I would also add a minimum range. That way the base drive could still remain an option, when shorter distances are to be considered aswell.
      Maybe the effect would need some more balancing by altering power consumtion and recharge time too.

      +When activated the drive drops the ship on a random position around the selected star. If no valid targed (a star within range) has been selected, the game could conduct a mild punishment by using up a charge without performing the jump. (Maybe indicating this errror by shaking the camera a bit?)
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