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    New planet mechanic idea

    Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Raichor, Mar 19, 2014.

    1. Raichor

      Sep 13, 2013
      At the moment there are 3 planet mechanic ideas: spherical planets that warp a flat world to create a sphere, the downsides being segmented gameplay, Oreo style planets, with the downside of not being fully looped, and multi-gravity cube planets, with the downside of here being a "jump" between the gravity fields.

      I propose a new planet mechanic that sort of combines the three; Segmented planets. To sum it up: Equal segments of a platonic shape would be fitted around a core much like ships docked onto other ships, at specific angle, each with their own gravity, to make up one fully looped 3D shape with small "steps" in gravity and seamless gameplay.

      What you'd do is take any shape (platonic or Catalan shapes are probably best as they have congruent faces. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Catalan_solid http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Platonic_solid) and split it into equal 3D segments that run from a face of the shape inwardly to the center, that each make up one part of a planet, all with their own planes and gravity. The best part about this is that it is already possible in-game without any mods, the only issue being flying each huge segment so they make up the planet, however if generated by the world, they don't need to be orientated by flying them in.

      heres an example I made in game (only 2 segments, and a pretty big gap, as they were a bitch to get even that close together)


      As you can see 12 of these would go together to form a dodecahedron and if generated by the game itself you could get them much closer together using precise angles:


      Of course other shapes are possible to reduce the "jump" as you switch gravity between each segment:


      The "jump" as you switch gavity could be further reduced by adding a slight curve to it, so you start change to the other segments gravity gradually.

      The world generation would be quite simple with a border of >2 blocks all at the same level around the edge of each segment and then randomly generated islands in the center and then water at a set height around the edges:


      Of course this could be improved by having some sort of system that would match the edges of each segment.

      To solve the problem of infinitely falling, there would an indestructible sphere in the center that the segments are attached to, unlike the segments it would only have one plane and would be surrounded by lava, as seen in the above image, which shows the layers and segments of a planet.

      Another issue may be gaps between each segment, this is the only problem that cannot be solved with any current mechanics in-game, but it would be simple enough to have a series of "graphical blocks" to fill the gaps and when a block is destroyed that they are touching they will also be destroyed.

      Some other pros with this system are the features it could make way for:

      -Exploding planets, segments could be "docked to the core and when a certain % of blocks/the segment reaches a certain low mass then it would be ejected from the core, when all segments have been "ejected" the core would explode with the effect of a large radius missile.

      -Territories. Factions would start of with 3 territories (equal to one plant segment each) that they can protect using a faction module, as the faction grows they can acquire more territories for example; for every three faction members you get another territory, another method could be to add certain achievements in-game that increase the number of territories, for example destroying a pirate station.

      -A more realistic gravity simulator with orbits etc.


      Equal segments of a catalan/platonic shape to make up a 3D looping planet that has working gravity and seamless gameplay.


      -Gaps between segments - can be solved using "graphical blocks"

      -Infinitely falling - solved using an Indestructible core

      -Lots of entities - It is already planned to make planets fewer, also the recent update reduced lag and allowed for easier loading of chunks.


      -Fully looping 3D planet

      -Additional features: territories and exploding planets as well as more realistic gravity

      -more realism

      -still seamless

      -implements the best of the current systems that are proposed/in place.

      Hope this could be implemented, as I don't really like the idea of Oreo planets, they just seem a bit tacky.
    2. Blacke21

      Jun 21, 2013
      I like it very much,but one thing I would add to it is, that I would put a pic of a real planet or a painted one as an out view and than make the planet, like you suggested (just see the structer in a closer lock).

      sry for that long one and corectt me pls if I made some mistakes in the comment.
    3. schema

      schema Cat God

      Feb 17, 2012
      This is a neat idea. Most of the planet approaches have too big drawbacks. But these ones actually look managable. I\'ll look into that
    4. NeonSturm

      NeonSturm StormMaker

      Dec 31, 2013
      In the real world, continents are not flat and have sand, water or other fluid materials between them.

      I think this game needs some objects (desert, lava, clouds) which \"contain\" blocks and turn to blocks once their density goes below a certain level or they condensate on surfaces...
    5. xandervm

      Jun 20, 2013
      yes! great idea! +1
    6. GaeasSon

      Jun 30, 2013
      NO, I\'m not suggesting Spherical Planets... but essentially layers of atmosphere to go with the idea above. Different kinds of planets could have different layers All the different layers would be unminable and indestructable. None of them would interact with planetary materials, like the wedges above.

      Lavasphere or lithoshphere They don\'t clip planetary wedges, but either support or absorb and destroy ships and players.

      Hydrosphere: an area of reduced or negative gravity depending on whether you want players and ships to sink or float naturally. Helmets are required or you start drownng

      Atmosphere: Pretty much what we have now.

      Bevel the edges of the wedges down below the hydrosphere to make lakes and rivers.
    7. ltmauve

      Aug 28, 2013
      My main concern is someone trying to do an intercontinetial bridge and realizing that it won\'t work. Making sure all the \"contienints\" are seperated by water would also make things easier.
    8. Viridis00

      Jul 20, 2013

      I like this idea. Especially the whole exploding planets and territory ideas you\'ve got.
    9. Azereiah

      Azereiah Way gayer than originally thought.

      Jun 29, 2013
      If gravity were based on total planet mass and the broken chunks of a destroyed planet became asteroids (including the core), this idea would potentially completely change any and all planet related gameplay.I love it.

      Biggest difficulty would be managing cross-chunk construction, unless code exists that could make any block placed over the gap become part of the other chunk (and applying suitable rotation, of course).
    10. ante185

      Jul 3, 2013
      This would be pretty damn neat!

      But i just want to ask one thing, if you scale the planets up can you divide the segments so the planet when viewed from afar looks more even? without problems on the inside ofcourse!

      Just as a back up if the way to stop infinite falling if you make a hole right through the planet, this is mostly for the lols but either way, if you made a hole from one side of the planet out to the opposite one and jumped in you would accelerate towards the core (This acceleration would dimish as you get more blocks above you AKA closer to the core) and the speed you have when you reach the core will be just enought to send you out the other end of the planet feets first, that would be on hell1000 of a way to travel!

      Cons: Might burn you to a crisp upon passing the core

      Pros: Fun thing to do.
    11. BeefBacon

      Jun 20, 2013
      I thought this was already suggested? Or maybe I misread the myriad of other \"spherical but not spherical planets\" threads, namely one that described dodecahedron planets.

      Still, I like it, and you have the rare honour of having Schema post as well. I\'ve always been happy with one-sided planets that look like a floating island in space - like discworld but without the wildlife supporting it. But if this idea is feasible then it\'d be fantastic.

    12. NeonSturm

      NeonSturm StormMaker

      Dec 31, 2013
      My main concern is someone trying to do an intercontinetial bridge and realizing that it won\'t work.

      Maybe once they are above the gap, you get 1 block behind the gap to build one (need 2 from your inventory like in mirrow mode, but only for edge-blocks)
    13. CES


      Jan 24, 2014
      Very well thought out, +1 granted!
    14. WaffulMann

      Jun 28, 2013

      Full support from me.
    15. PlagueDoctor42

      Sep 7, 2013
      That\'s it, I like it

      Also, be proud! schema himself responded to this thread!
    16. Ithirahad

      Ithirahad Arana'Aethi

      Nov 14, 2013
      Sounds good.
    17. Keptick

      Keptick Overkill titan builder

      Sep 26, 2013
      I came here expecting a noobish \"round planet\" suggestion, I was disapointed in that regard.

      Great suggestion, this one actually looks complicated but feasible.
    18. SpaceManFive

      Aug 15, 2013
      It looks like the best proposal (and proof of concept) for improving planets that I\'ve seen yet!
    19. rece ktore leczo

      Nov 25, 2013
      I\'m wondering if Schema is working on this right now. That would be awesome :D

      Oh, and I love everything in OP besides exploding planets. I mean it\'s not a bad idea but without a tool to create new planets it could get a little troublesome. Maybe there could be a mechanism to bring many asteroids/terrain blocks together and create a new planet? Or an admin command (i don\'t know if that exist right now)
    20. Bannta

      Jun 26, 2013
      use the sector where the planet is at and create a planet \"instance\". Once you entered the the planet instance the sector would be view like any other minecraft like world just with boundary with a top attitude of 1300m.

      Example: A ship approaching from the adjacent sector to face 5 of the sector where the planet instance is in. This would be use only figure out the entry location of where the ship would appear in the planet instance. Once in the planet instance the cube reference would be used when leaving orbit and returning to an adjacent sector

      Note: Each face represents a physical location area of the surface map of the planet. Faces 3 and 4 will say are the north and south poles. In reality the planet instance would be flat(not a cube world but a flat minecraft world) where boundary would simply flip the next opposite edge. To the player flying over or walking on inside the planet instance would be flat.The ships entering orbit would enter an attitude where gravity is at a null representing Geosynchronous orbit allowing large ships to basically float (1300m -500m = null). 499 gravity will start increasing until full planet gravity hits at let say 256 where you transition from dark space to atmosphere color...(at this point larger ships are in trouble). Will use minecraft surface model at this point, 255-62 sky to sea level and 62 to 5 ground level. At 5(maybe higher) and below I would use lava and at 0 bedrock which would represent the planets core(unbreakable). So no mining to china per say.

      maybe I\'m too sleepy, below is unknown\'s post about planet instancing