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    • Could you please add NPC crew members as a decorative item.? The NPC character could have a standing and sitting position that could be rotated when placing. I would really like to add crew to my ships.
      I am new to starmade and love the game but would like help in learning how to create textures. is there anyone that can help. I may not be the swiftest person but I like learning. thanks
      Hi Captain skwidz

      Ok so if I was to duplicate and edit a current texture thingy, do I have to make it for each resolution? (32x32, 64x64 and so on?)

      How will the system know what block is what and size and all in the block editor?

      Is their a blank template i can edit and learn from?

      Thanks for the assistance
      It depends on what texture resolution you want. In the settings you can choose it. Lower values (lowest is 32x32) increase performance while the highest (128x128) is more detailed. You can create a texture for each if you want. How the system will know is all in its source code through IDs and such. As for a template I'm not sure besides the textures that exist.
      You can create a forum post if you want other questions answered.
      why did u make stabilizer distance 6 times higher ffs I am done if u keep limiting creativity
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      when did this happen?
      might also be a bug in my install but i just cleared the ship of all power things placed reactor and boom 2km distance for stabs
      Also, suggestion:

      Make gameplay. More decoration blocks would be cool for roleplay purposes, but what about "holographic galaxy map" ? Just an idea
      After hashing it out in forum and having a couple of days to consider it, it looks a lot like you did a great job of taking your initial overhaul proposal and tempering it to an excellent edge in the fires of community critique. It looks very strong, streamlined, and dynamic. Thank you for the fine revision and I, for one, am eagerly looking forward to seeing the the proposed system implemented.
      Hey schema, wie schauts eigentlich mit modding von funktionalen Blocks (Waffen,Core,Etc.) aus?
      Wird da dieses Halbjahr was von Schine kommen?
      Juten Abend,
      leider finde icke keine andere Möglichkeit Sie anzuschreiben...
      aber ick wollte mal fragen ob es per config ne möglich gibt..
      die alten scheiben Planeten spawnen zu lassen...
      die neuen sind etwas verbuggt...egal wie viel Leistung man den
      Server gibt...

      MfG Avatar / Gouverneur
      Server : Militärpolizei
      There is no config option, and is a commonly suggested feature.
      Shit, did I miss your birthday? Aw well, fuck it, still gotta say it...

      Happy fucking birthday you sexy son of a bitch. :D
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