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    Bug Jump Drive and Weapons Systems glitches

    Discussion in 'Game Support' started by dwguitarguy, Aug 12, 2017.

    1. dwguitarguy

      Aug 4, 2017
      I logged on today went to one of my ships to go on a mining expedition and the jump drive said that there were no modules connected, Tested the weapons. Some weapons work normally, but some give the error that "No modules are connected to the entry point" I have restarted my game cleared my client cache and reinstalled starmade fully about 3-4 times now. The only way I have found to fix this is to completely scrap the ship and build it again. Anyone know of any fixes for this?
    2. IKindaCrashAlot

      IKindaCrashAlot Part of the Most Nefarious Faction in Starmade

      Aug 1, 2014
      Was the sector that the miner in being unloaded and reloaded when you relogged? If your buddy is in the sector the miner is, it won't unload when relogging. This problem is common and almost always closing the game and restarting it works
    3. DrTarDIS

      DrTarDIS Eldrich Timelord

      Jan 16, 2014
      If you're playing offline, try defrag on the drive that starmade is installed in. I've noticed file truncation-on-save causes a lot of connection errors including "ghost computers" "unlinked modules" and "logic freeze"