G9 Rigger-Class Freighter "Twilight" WIP

    Dec 26, 2019
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    Ever since i saw the Clone Wars film back in 2008, this ship has become one of my personal favorite ship designs in star wars. Yes it's a brick, and it's bulky, but its such a cobbled together piece that i find fascinating. I set out to build as close to a true replica as i can with what we were given from art and the show. after 15 hours i have completed the hull and added some reactors to the ship. it can fly, barely.

    I am not that good with the new power system and rail system so if anyone would like to help complete the ship in those 2 areas please let me know.

    Exterior 1.png
    Exterior 2.png
    Exterior 3.png

    Exterior 4.png
    Exterior 5.png

    Cockpit 1.png

    Cockpit 2.png
    Deck 1.png
    Deck 2.png

    Next on the agenda is as such:
    -Add Boarding ramp
    -Add Flight wing
    -Add Main Gun
    -Add Rotating Cannon
    -Remake power setup to be more efficient

    *This ship is still a work in progress*