1. Fugari2

      VDK-Vrakhow-Frigate 2018-07-19

      I can't add good pictures currently because i can't use frame buffers so ill upload them asap. The Workhorse of the Vrykari Dominion Fleet, the Vrakhow frigate has been around since pre-slab update. Has been updated and redesigned many times and is still kicking. Now days it may not be the most...
    2. Xpertice

      Xpert Scanner Probe 1.0

      Equipped with a scanner with 3.0 strength and ore scanner module Equipped with 3.0 non-cloak non-jam stealth drive Equipped with level 3 top speed Power 2.0 reactors 3600 shields (enough to survive) Low mass - decoration done with motherboards, lights and circuits Purple! Very awesome! Safe -...
    3. MythrilJelly

      SGI Cirilith Frigate 0.8

      Please note this is not the final version, it's systems are not yet complete but it is now in a mostly functional state with proper thrust, shields, jump, and weapons but they are not yet balanced. I also need to re-do the stairways. The Cirilith is a heavy frigate I designed to dock to my...
    4. PainNigouto

      D.I.t.003 - Katana laser 2016-12-16

      the Doomstar Imperium presents: a D.I.S.C.O. de-classified design, the Katana-laser utilises 1250 beam modules, all focused into 1 beam. And to add on top of that there are 2366 punch-thru modules for a total of 94,6% effect
    5. PainNigouto

      D.I.001 - Cyclone Battlecruiser 2016-12-13

      The Doomstar Imperium Presents: the Cyclone Battlecruiser(WIP) the shell is almost complete.. but i'm having a hard time finding the right kind of bridge exterior, even before the doors were in place. and ship bellies have never been my strongest suit so i'll have to think about that...
    6. MythrilJelly

      SGI Prism Warpgate 1.0

      Shadowgear Corps "Prism" Fighter Warpgate A pair of these connected are a fairly simple way I like to separate my projects, I don't often use larger ships so it is intended to handle fighter-sized craft not too much bigger than your standard Isanth. It is equipped with shields, and a decent...
    7. MythrilJelly

      MJ's Fleet Contest Submission Err..

      Here are five of my custom ships with the "Shadowgear Corps" theme. Pack contains all attached to a rack of sorts. Two drones: "Cres "and "Greaver," Two fighters: "Grimlock" and "Lymantria" and one salvager: "Groundreaper" Cres and Greaver lack interiors, as they are mass-controlled drones...
    8. MythrilJelly

      Grand Obelisk 1.1

      Here we have my first large space station! The Obelisk's primary purpose was to be essentially a hangout with a lot of room, but now includes functionality rooms like a simple factory and a cargo hold. Stats are a bit low for a station of it's size, it's primarily normal hull and mostly hollow...
    9. MythrilJelly

      SGI Groundreaper 1.0

      Here we have my first fully-custom salvager! It has a small but cozy interior, constant salvage beam, jump drive, and a stylish black paint job. More info may be added later!
    10. Dannage

      Dannage’s_Fleet_Submission_1 2016-04-23

      Before I go build some new things for the competition, I thought I'd submit a bunch of ships I had already built. I honestly wouldn't have thought anyone would have rated them but I once ran into them on a server and apparently they were more entertaining than Isanths. So, here is the first...
    11. MythrilJelly

      SGI Lymantria 1.0

      Decorative craft built as a test of "crystal wing practibility" and not a super effective fighter. That doesn't stop it from being fun to fly at least! The craft is named after the scientific name of the Gypsy Moth.
    12. MythrilJelly

      Grimlock Heavy Fighter 1.0

      An intended fighter upgrade over my standard Greaver, for when the enemy is bigger than a "Prate" yet still smaller than a Beta station. Fighter is designed to bring down shields and cut to faction blocks, it will not be viable if you have no idea where to find the faction block.
    13. nightrune

      Followers of Fizzbane's Fanciful Tech, Nightrune's Shipyard

      Hey Peeps Starting this to show off a few builds. Station: Hephaestus Overview This is the main entrance and staring point into the station. Its largely the most finished interior, and I'll try to take pictures of the shop and apartments soon. Station's AI Core That little robot rotates...
    14. Dannage

      Updated Pirate Pack 2016-03-06

      Quite by accident, happened to join a server where they were using my pirate ships. They didn't know when I joined, and neither did I until I faced a fleet of them. I have got here a new pack with some very slight tweaks to the original 5 ships. 4 of them have slightly more power reactors and...
    15. Pancake

      Type-31 Exoatmospheric Multi-role Fighter 2016-02-20

      The Seraph-class starfighter from Halo; more specifically, one based on the Seraph found in Halo: Reach. 1:1 scale, with matching width and length (though I had to take guesses on the height, and had to improvise for the cockpit. Comes with an AI module. The most notable difference between this...
    16. MythrilJelly

      Greaver Hive 1.0

      (EDIT: Carrier not updated to latest builds, and cannot yet recall fighters on it's own! Feature is a planned update for the craft.) A large "shoe box" carrier, containing twelve Greaver drones, and two turrets. They can be released one by one, or all at once. They are useful distractions in...
    17. MythrilJelly

      Empress Crown 1.2.5

      It's a basic, small station; the Crown has four fully-rotating Beam turrets, but they aren't very powerful and are more of a "Just in case" measure. It has three layers, the Control Room, where one can activate doors, lights, and rotating parts.. the Living Quarters, mostly just for fun...