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    Xpert Scanner Probe 1.0

    POSITIVE ID ON TARGET IN SECTOR (3, 5, 4) -- relaying information

    1. Xpertice
      Game version:
      Equipped with a scanner with 3.0 strength and ore scanner module
      Equipped with 3.0 non-cloak non-jam stealth drive
      Equipped with level 3 top speed
      Power 2.0 reactors
      3600 shields (enough to survive)
      Low mass - decoration done with motherboards, lights and circuits
      Purple! Very awesome!
      Safe - Standard armor on interior and plex doors
      Faction module, ship core obviously
      Inexpensive - use a couple very common purple ores and other material
      Customizable chambers
      Download, unzip, and use like any other Starmade ship today!