ai ships

    1. Serene-Switch

      Cornerian Retriever Class Fighter 51719

      A basic, but well designed fighter/interceptor used by the Cornerian Defense Force during the first Lylat War against the evil forces of Andros.
    2. Serene-Switch

      Republic Heraklon Class Miner (WIP) 5519

      Wasn't planning to upload so soon, but is now here for safe keeping due to BP shenanigans.
    3. Serene-Switch

      Republic Pelta Class Frigate (WIP) 5519

      Wasn't planning to upload so soon, but is now here for safe keeping due to BP shenanigans.
    4. Serene-Switch

      CDF Bloodhound Class Frigate (WIP) 5519

      Wasn't planning to upload so soon, but is now here for safe keeping due to BP shenanigans.
    5. Serene-Switch

      Republic Valor Class Battlecruiser (WIP) 5519

      Wasn't planning to upload so soon, but is now here for safe keeping due to BP shenanigans.
    6. Serene-Switch

      CDF Greyhound Class Battleship (WIP) 2019-05-05

      Wasn't planning to upload so soon, but is now here for safe keeping due to BP shenanigans.
    7. Coasterrider1

      How to make a detachable ships

      hello everyone I just feel like explaning how to make detactable ships for your fleet to upgrade them so you have the preks of being a fleet without having to wait before the Drone ships follow you (cause you carry them) well then first things first 1 The ships first up you got to have 3...
    8. Dearthx

      AI Learning Curve

      As I was playing StarMade today I was working on my base when the Trading Guild ships were passing by. It gave me the idea of what if instead of there being a small chance to see a player made ship in the hands of the pirates, that instead there was an AI Learning Curve based on the ships and...
    9. Jarraff

      Manta Freighter 1.0

      This freighter can be AI controlled or piloted. I had intended to make an auto launch system for the two drones that would trigger when the AHP dropped below 100 percent. But apparently the sensor block does not yet have that functionality. I may have to use a enemy detector as an auto-launch...
    10. ohartenstein23

      OttoTech Industries Gladiator Mk. I

      The front-liner of my AI fleet, this ship rides the line between being designated a corvette and a light frigate in my mind. A heavily armored front plate protects a dual-output 1740-block Cannon/Cannon/Punch-Through main gun in 1:0.9:1 ratio, supported by two Cannon/Cannon/Stop turrets to hold...
    11. ohartenstein23

      OttoTech Industries Archer Mk. II

      The second entry in my AI fleet, this corvette provides the long-range missile fire support to complement my gunship design. Again optimized for the Minimade server, the design is intended to also be a carrier for a pair of the gunships while sitting just under the 3k mass cap. The armament...
    12. ohartenstein23

      OttoTech Industries Skirmisher Mk. II

      My first upload here is a gunship I originally designed to recycle blocks from salvaged Isanths in order to create a fleet to attack more pirates. Re-painted and optimized for the Minimade server, it finds a roll as a support craft for attacking frigate-sized ships. The main weapon is a...
    13. Serene-Switch

      Galactic Republic CSS-1 RJF Refit 2017-05-17

      The Corellian Star Shuttle, originally designed as a diplomatic shuttle, saw little use in this role due to its heavier armor and relatively slow speed. Despite its drawbacks however, the Galactic Republic still used these vessels in large numbers, refitting and re-purposing them as destroyers...
    14. DrTarDIS

      AI, display modules, Scripting. Possible low-cost improvements. Plea for tools

      Thinking of the insatiable derpyness of AI, and thinking fondly of the days of CS server-bots, I had an epiphany. The LUA stuff gave me an idea of the way development seems to be planned. What if The Ai not-oly had a default set of scripted actions, they could be over-ridden by an active...
    15. Falcon_One

      Factioned ships in multiple fleets

      This is a fairly straightforward suggestion; the idea is to allow factioned ships to be in multiple fleets at the same time. This would allow carriers to designate different tasks to different fighter wings, yet all wings still share the same mothership (the carrier). In order to avoid the...
    16. T

      AFK mining - mine stuffs without riding a single ship

      Okay, we already have it. I know. You can tell some drones to mine a sector's asteroids. Still, you have to be there on the mining site, and it has some major bugs too. So, lets tweak the order:mining to be able to mine without loading a sector. It may seem like a new system, but essentially...
    17. jijiji

      Advanced AI control suggestion

      Hello! I know that game is alpha now, but I think this AI control is important and should be implemented as soon as possible, because of a problem. I've seed similar suggestions, but this would connect best of them as I guess. The problem: AI configuration is narrow and not enough to control...
    18. CodeBlack

      Turret AI baking in the sun

      Hey there... I am building on a large Battleship quite a while now and today i wanted to finish it up by putting the turrets on. i designed a turret tested it by hopping in and shooting some things. it worked! now i wanted to try if the ai does its i build a dummy and gave it to the...
    19. Paullus

      Planned AI movement for better dogfights

      *disclosure* I have no idea if this would work... Forcing AI to move forward more than other directions (or some alteration/variation of the like) would make AI, fighters especially, act more like planes in dogfights. This could decrease the huge spaces that appear in battles between ships and...