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      The ultimate drone R&D thread

      Oh heck lets get this thread back up and running and see what's new. :P
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      Factory automation for large builds

      Yay been working on an auto factory so going to steal this. :)
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      Storyline Based Design Competition

      lol totally forgot about this contest due to job hunting so I'll upload both my Sec 3 and Sec 4 builds at some point.
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      torch beam damage

      Still 1 damage per tick is a tad low. >.>
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      Trade Station Update 2019-09-25

      Uploading this before I forget to. Fair warning the beta station is a tad butchered from when I tried to update it and connect things. As always if you guys have better ideas for how to update the stations please share as it'll help both speed things along and correct any issues. This is an...
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      Small Simple Requests

      Speaking of boarding tools. Impact Hammer: Chargers up and sends a small directional wave into the target ignoring shields. Does way more damage than a torch but still can't kill more than a block at a time and use of it can push you away from what you are aiming at if not careful. Also rather...
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      Should intentionally using exploits/cheats in multiplayer be a bannable offense?

      Seeing as some of these exploits are the result of the devs missing a case or two in their code all that has to be done is fix those cases they missed. That said leave it up to the admins.
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      RTS Survival Ideas

      I've seen many of these ideas floating around but lets see what else we can come up with. RTS Command and Conquer building style on map/fleet menus: No idea why I'm obsessed with this. The general idea here is you could bring up your list of cargo hauling fleets give them an empty station BP...
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      Reintroduce Scanner Functionality

      Speaking of is said code for it still floating around to try or does it not work even if we used it? Also yes it needs to come back.
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      Inner Corners

      Ahh yes those "half corners" that's what I forgot. Had too many annoying cases on ships where I've tried to smooth the surface over and had one of those unfillable holes. >.>
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      Announcement System

      Having to setup a communication network using blocks on ships and stations would be interesting. It'd give an excuse to have multiple stations linked up to allow communication throughout an area. O_o
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      Inner Corners

      I think there's one other shape we're missing as well that handles another case but I'll have to dig it up. :)
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      How do you balance a cheater? With a ban hammer.

      I think I remember running into this monster before. The only thing that makes it dangerous is the game rending amount of lag it produces. Other than that it can be dealt with if you have enough time to move before it opens up on you. XD
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      Modding + QuickFire balance (dev build v0.202.0)

      lol right as I'm about to finish the last Trade Station. This should be fun to watch. Kinda want to avoid Building those monsters for Quickfire since it was hard enough getting them up to date. XD
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      How do you balance a cheater? With a ban hammer.

      Hence the reason my Base normally has many Bb turrets on it since it's about the only thing that can put a hole in this monster. Pretty sure the only thing making it a threat is the lag it causes and nothing more.