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    Trade Station Update 2019-09-25

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    Uploading this before I forget to. Fair warning the beta station is a tad butchered from when I tried to update it and connect things. As always if you guys have better ideas for how to update the stations please share as it'll help both speed things along and correct any issues.

    This is an attempt at updating all the trade stations to the current weapons system, power system, shields, and rails.

    Here's some examples of what I've done. For rails I replaced all plex elevators and docking areas with the current rail versions of them. So there's added logic for the various elevators to each floor making it so you don't have to worry about being dropped several floors due to the plex elevator dumping you because of collision checking. Also all docking points have pickup points on them to allow for easy finding of them on approach of the station. Turrets well there was an attempt. Eta's turrets are as close to the original setup and design I could get them but it could still use some work.

    This was done mostly because the devs haven't uploaded their versions of the stations or the original makers haven't updated them yet themselves. So if anyone wants to help with the updating process by all means do so since I could use all the help I can get. I'm also working on the Derelict and Pirate Stations as well so this isn't the only set of stations being uploaded. If anyone wants pictures of the new parts on the stations let me know and I'll upload them but by now we all know what these default stations look like.

    To get these stations into the game's spawning system after extracting the file somewhere just copy them into the starmade install directory under \blueprints-stations\trading-guild. Fair warning though these won't override the existing stations there it well add to them since these all have V3 in their names so you can tell the difference and not accidentally override them. :)

    I also included any changed turrets under Station Turrets if you wanted to try your hand at them. :)
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