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    Cat God, Male, 35, from Munich

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    Jun 16, 2019
      1. Mered4
        I'm not sure this is even my place, but you getting involved in the impeachment of Tomino is a really bad idea.

        That said, I just wanted to be an encouragement to you during this drama.
        Stay above the dirt, pal. This will pass - Starmade's always looking up :)

        Stay positive. :)
      2. lichgrave
        hay schema it's lichgrave, i have bin watching the development of rail system for a while now. but i always found my self playing a sound affects in my head while things move around and i was wondering if you needed a sound guy. i have 2 years of experience and 2 certificates from my local regional occupational program center (MVROP) in sound design levels 1 & 2.
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      3. Smultron
      4. Alpha
        Glad to see how large the game has gotten. Come a long way from crashing that first server with 10 people, eh?
      5. _Sonata_
        I would like to talk to you about composing music for StarMade. I have many ideas for the soundtrack and the ability to produce. My credentials vast and I have a digital music studio at my house. Also, experience composing music for indie films, games, and other media. I have a proposal that would provide me with income yet put little drain on your profits for an AAA type musical score.
        Kevin du Charme
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      6. yummy1239
        Schema, I NEED help! Andy should have forwarded something to you, please help me, i'm begging you!!
      7. VendettaDFA
        Love the game -- have a concern tho -- a server I play on has had a multiboxing exploiter show up. Uses his own playername then brings in the name of a known admin and then has full rights to all server commands. This admin has tried to ip ban him to no avail. Suggest a further security layer in your server settings possibly implementation of the Steam ID protocol .
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      8. Smultron
        Hello Schema,
        I have some concept art, that I would love to show and discuss with you. You also would love it too.
        1. aceface likes this.
      9. blackcomit
        hi schema me and 3 friends run a server and we do not like the new planets is there any way we can have the disk planets spawn instead of the new round planets? and also is there a way to change the distance between pirates so we can put bigger pirates in the game for the members of our community?
      10. Silenc3e3e
        I couldn't find any other way of contacting you.

        I work for a company that helps kids with disabilities. We are encouraging the kids to be creative, and make something. They all seem quite keen on StarMade.

        I was hoping we could talk about what it would take to convert ships/stations into files that our 3D printer would accept.

        Please contact me with the email I have used to for this account.

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      11. Fuxiang
        There was a problem using mac to play Starmade my friends and I tried connecting using macbook and we all have the updated version of java runtime environment , but we cant play it please make some changes
      12. Blakpik
        To Schema,

        I do not expect an answer to this, but how is the name 'schema' pronounced? Is similar to the English word 'schematic' or does it use a High German pronunciation similar to the word "schematisch"? Or, as it says you come from Munich, does it use a Bavarian pronunciation that I am not aware of? As I do not speak Bavarian.

        From Blakpik.
      13. wakko151
        The thrill of scouting an enemy outpost, deciding what firepower is needed to crack the shields, and tank the guns. The Attack. The salvage. The inevitable retaliation. That is why I love this game. I still can't believe my review on steam is still #1. Your creation allows others to create, and destroy. Happy F@#King New Year Schema.
      14. Silenc3e3e
        can I just say you are doing FANTASTIC SCHEMA! I love the game, and can't wait for more features to come along!

        May I make a simple request of listing up coming features? I (and am sure many others) are planning ships to build (Enormous ships), but want to make space for up coming features, even if they aren't confirmed to 100% to be going in.

        Keep up the fantastic work to you and all the team!
      15. Captain_Boroski
        I hope you have enjoyable time with your family and can spend your time with them without worrying about developing the game for atleast a while, burnout is danger of every game developer.

        You have made a successfull game, you're living the dream.
        Your interaction with the community and updating the game has been excellent.

        Happy Christmas Schema.
      16. protocal117
        can i make some suggestions for future updates
      17. Will2brown
        If I had money I would donate, I don't so I'm gonna get all my friends to play the game :D
      18. Dragonchampion
        Do you need the help of a writer in any way for Starmade? I would love to help even if it is just unpaid internship/volunteer work.
      19. nj_ken
        I might be setting StarMade aside, cause my friends stopped playing with all the up dates. Small ship are weaker now and to make them stronger they have to be bigger. the ships they have already made need now to make bigger. it is sad that the server we had I was the only one playing on it (boring to play). so i will play other games for now. I hope my friends come. I will muddle though single player when i do.
      20. Jokewl
        Wow! The last I played this game was way back when it was just a 2 man team your texture guy left. I loved the game so much I bought the upgrade for three dollars if I remember correctly. When I s aw it on steam I was like no way. I looked at the game again and was amazed to find all the new content. Still waiting to get it for free but I am excited to get back into the game!
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