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    Cat God, Male, 35, from Munich

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    Jun 16, 2019
      1. Short_Sword
        The commpressed textures option is greyed over and if i don't change it, i cant play. its locked in the on mode and I need help changing it. Please Help!
      2. [\^/]
        Woah,I have returned from the realm of the ancient old Starmade.I see you and your team have done alot of updating and improvements! :D I can't thank you enough and I hope to see lots and lots of player playing the game in the future :)
      3. Zernock
        been playing for a little while now and love the game and i enjoy the updates and how u and your team care about the community. was wondering if you ever get to sit and enjoy the game like the rest of us. and if u had a favorite spaceship ?
      4. CrowePlays
        Loving the slabs and Cargo updates, but I'm getting this glitch where I cant get out of a ship whenever I save it to the catalog and neither can anyone else on my server, I don't know if that is because it's a hamachi server or what, but anyways thank you for the amazing game.
      5. dark_dominator
        Hello Schema, great work on the cargo update, however one thing... you seem to have forgotten to make rail rotation devices capable of transfering items, just that though, otherwise, I love the update!!!!!
      6. Devanow
        Großes Lob an dich Robin, dass du uns so ein gutes Spiel präsentierst.
        Ich bin mittlerweile seit über 2 Jahren bei euch und wollte fragen,
        wann es möglich sein wird, das Spiel im maximierten Fenster zu spielen.
        Prinzipiell sollte es funktionieren, nur passt sich das Fenster nicht direkt an den Bildschirm an.
      7. H4ck3rMC
        Hi. Ich finde, euer Spiel ist sehr gut. Das konzept ist cool. Eine Mischung von Minecraft und StarTrek/Star Wars. Dort ist für jeden was dabei. macht wieter so! LG, H4ck3rMC
        1. H4ck3rMC
          Ich meinte natürlich weiter, nicht wieter
          Nov 12, 2015
      8. admiral pheonix
        admiral pheonix
        hey schema, we are having problems with a starmade server on windows 10, and i was wondering if starmade is 10 compatible, or if its our server thats glitching, it just refuses to start up.
      9. SharpSkarf
        Can we get some kind of Rcon for server owners? What is mean is the option to define an rcon port and password in the server config file, so we can log in from an external client (there are plenty of rcon clients out there dont worry) and use the chat/commands.
      10. starhaiden
        do you have cat/s?
      11. EMC007
        Schema, do you happen to like Russian blues?
      12. MasterPie1
        when you release the next update could you please add an option for the old planets (the disk ones) to be generated
        1. testkil
          destroy a planet core and you will have one :P
          Sep 27, 2015
        2. wolfboyft
          Wrong shape, right? Regardless, I'll never know why ANYONE'd want 'em back!
          Oct 13, 2015
      13. Rixxan
        ALL HAIL THE CAT! The cat is truth in this time of darkness, the cat is good. Praise be unto the Cat, for he will show us the way of the Game!
      14. TheBlueThunder
        HI Schema, I'm planning to create a game like yours only using C# or C++ as my programming language I can do Java but you've already made a really cool game with it. More Power Schema!
      15. StarBreakerCaptain
        schema me and I bet a lot of people would love this in the game if you mind can you plz inplant the abilty to save planets because a lot of people have plant bases and they aren't able to save them and the would because there proud of it so they want to save it and it sucks to have your base destroyed and you can have a back up so plz if you could add the ablity to save planet bases thanck you and bye
      16. DukeofRealms
        You can have one free day off for your birthday. After that, it's back to work kitty cat. HB
      17. Valiant70
      18. Kibakie
        Hey, i was wondering if adding Rail Wedges would be more helpful for getting things like a extendible airlock to work, because using regular rail blocks is hard, when your trying to make it extend out then move up.
        1. wolfboyft likes this.
        2. wolfboyft
          Suggestions forum.

          *Disappears in a strange mist.*
          Oct 13, 2015
      19. Torran97
        Hey man, so yeah I realized how incredibly hard it is to move comets/ships and so on. Have you ever thought about adding grappling hooks to the game? It would be really awesome to be able to drag comets and ships etc. back to your home base without having to build a huge ass ship around the object itself. The game itself is amazing, so keep up the good work and have a great day!
        1. wolfboyft
          Grappling hooks are implemented but not the kind you're thinking of—which is not a kind of grappling hook.
          Oct 13, 2015
      20. NATO223
        Hey, schema. You probably don't remember me, I was here in the really, really early days of the game. I don't know what posessed me to leave, but I'm back. I love what you've done with the game. It's like everything we wanted in those early days is here, and more. I love it. Based schema remains based.

        Love and kisses,

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