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      Strange obsessions?

      Same. I still wonder why I treat this game as if air pressure is a thing. Who really needs like 20 airlocks anyways? And OMG, when you go to someone else's base and it is a power/shield/cargo cube. Ugh, I swear...
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      Devblog 13th September 2017 (Power Stream!)

      Yay! Soon we can start builds without the fear of our power systems being phased out! Soon....
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      How to Overhaul Your Pirates

      I really connect with your final idea of increasing pirate spawn rates. In singleplayer, and in many servers, I really don't see any pirates for the first week. I mean, the chances of me running into pirates on a popular server are so ridiculously low that I don't even equip my miners with...
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      Does the Crew in the future update also act as a away team?

      I'm fairly sure that escorting you will be one of the functions of crew.
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      Simplify block and ship creation, and resource gathering

      If this was possible, we wouldn't need factories, just giant shipyards to build large chunks of blocks. As much as I agree that managing resources is quite tedious, I never found that it detracted from the game, instead adding another layer to it. And with the advent of cargo block sorting, it...
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      This is my Starmade.

      A quick blurb to Schema: Please please please please please please please please please please please please please please :cry: Please please please please please please please please please please please please please please
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      Looting and Salvage Revamp Proposition, Navigational hazards, Piracy 2.0

      I may just be going the entirely wrong direction here, but it would realistically make sense to make debris generated from destroyed blocks salvageable for the most basic components of the destroyed block. Because this mechanic is already implemented, all that needs to be done is a faster/...
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      How does one change the procedural backgrounds?

      The problem is just that they don't exist as image files. They exist as data.
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      The Lost Galaxy - A Trident Original Series

      Just a small thing, but adding some more soft BG music throughout the duration of the episode may make it more cinematic. Love the rear antennas on the main ship and the damage profile on the other.
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      How does one change the procedural backgrounds?

      Because the backgrounds are procedural generated, they are not stored as actual image files. They are most likely stored in system/sector log files as data for a background generator and are randomly generated for each system. If you would like to replace the background, you can find the...
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      Getting a server to build outside of homebase protection

      I used to play on the Brierie server a while back and managed to manage a warpgate system between two galaxies for about a week before the cost of replacing warpgates became too high. I would loose 1 or 2 for the first few days, but quit when half the network was slavaged. I will admit that the...
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      StarMade-At it's best moments-Cinematic images/renders

      Trust me, you don't want to know what happened... Oh, and this ship is by SeventhDurandal which can be found at USS Excelsior
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      To missile or not to missile

      Personally, assuming that your ship is around the size of a mid range frigate, you will have a slow turning rate and should compensate accordingly. I would recommend a cannon-cannon array (about 25 arranged in a checkerboard pattern) as a primary weapon to deliver a withering amount of dps. You...
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      Nebula Class PD Light Corvette 2016-12-11

      The Nebula Class Point Defense Light Corvette is a small corvette, weighing in at 1674.6 mass units, designed for the interception of medium to large bombers and ships that rely heavily on missiles to deliver damage. By utilizing 8 independent cannon-cannon point defense turrets, the Nebula...