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      [SFW] Sioux Fleetworks

      Criss - Yes! A similar aesthetic will be present in some of my builds going forward. Tshara - I'll be putting landing skids on her for planetary exploration! Possibly a vehicle / shuttle / probe bay. Not sure! klawxx - It is true, I'm intending to build a bit and check out the progress. If I...
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      [SFW] Sioux Fleetworks

      So I'm back and trying Quickfire. Time for a new line of ships. No name for this one yet, HEAVILY work-in-progress. I've missed you guys.
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      I'm back, and trying quickfire. Soon to be shipposting™️ near you.

      I'm back, and trying quickfire. Soon to be shipposting™️ near you.
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      Cake Build Server - The Most Delicious Build Server [Whitelist]

      IGN: Dalmont Why you want to join the server: I've got the itch to play StarMade again, and I don't want to build alone! Example of your work: SFW. Astraea, Winning Fleet Contest Submission Your favorite type of cake: Cheesecake, with carrot as a close second! Hope to see you all online soon.
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      StarMade Ship Size Comparison Chart

      SFW. Astraea I'd like to submit the venerable SFW. Astraea for the chart! Wonderful work so far Ive really enjoyed following the progress here!
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      Restricted Build Mode

      We all know that build mode is arguably one of the best features in StarMade; but what if we could turn it off completely? I propose a server configuration option that will enable admins to turn off build-mode on a per-player, per-sector, or per-server basis. Ideally it could also be restricted...
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      [SFW] Sioux Fleetworks

      SFW. Astraea released! Please leave a rate if you liked the ship!
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      SFW. Astraea RC1-C

      You all have my sincerest apologies for not releasing anything for so long. The SFW. Astraea escort carrier is ready to take to the stars! Originally conceived as more of a demonstrator for new technologies the rising demand for fast escort ships has brought the Astraea into production. The...
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      The Ultima Fleet

      I posted it up on the actual content link but Vespa is a name I think that suits it well. Much bigger than it looks in the pictures!
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      Introducing The United Star Axis

      Always make 1000x backups. I set an alarm on repeat and do a WIP save every 15 minutes or so for this exact reason. So sorry to hear about the lost progress. Shes looking good so far!
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      Introducing The United Star Axis

      Since plants aren't physical, you could... hypothetically... move the tractor on rails, and make the plants disappear behind it as it moves. Just saying. Excellent work recently, the light transport has a great feel! :D
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      CW390's Abandoned projects

      For the love of all that is holy CW, mate. Bring back the Glaive. She needs to live again don't abandon her!
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      Chat/Channel Block

      I'm absolutely behind this. The potential added interactivity could be legendary from a gameplay and roleplay aspect alike.
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      [SFW] Sioux Fleetworks

      The [as of yet unnamed] carrier gets her compliment of fighters! SFW. Intruder [Foreground] and SFW. Manta [Background] The interior on this carrier is really turning out to be something special, so stay tuned!
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      [SFW] Sioux Fleetworks

      You've really sent me down the rabbit hole with this one...