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      master builder seminars for noobs?

      Should I research a server to join and watch how others build? I see awesome builds but fail to deconstruct/reconstruct them. The advance build tools seem to negate my noob muse.
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      Introducing The United Star Axis

      very nice. Love the last star port/station.
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      master builder seminars for noobs?

      What I was trying to ask about was how to become a masterful builder. Not just Titans but lowly shuttles need love too. Stations, ship yards, and specialty ships, noy just RP ships, could use a resurgence. :giggle:(y):cool: Cybertec
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      master builder seminars for noobs?

      Do they have? I'd love to watch a vid or two , post qf. I just build qubes of puke.
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      Wild Space Explorers

      Amaz-balls as always. Are you studying architecture or engineering? You have an interesting speacial sence.
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      Help! Just reinstalled but so very confused as to how and with what, do you build a viable ship.

      I've searched wiki's, videos and tutorials, but have yet to find anything current. I'm so frustrated in SP, that I'm close to removing the application and quitting in disgust . Is there a current tutorial ? Is there a current wiki? Or building forum? Is the new QFire balance already in the...
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      Dark-star Interstellar Shipyard

      I like what I see so far. The base looks good. The shipyard looks nice and I like the extra lighting inside. I'd like to see more details, as I'm nosy that way. :-) Good start!
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      Bohemian Builders

      I am impressed and in awe of these designs, and you're talent at Ship design/building. This is what I want to see when I think of Star-Made. This is what I want to show off to my unconvinced friends. :-D With builders such as you, NuclearFun, Mariux, and many others, building - teaching - and...
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      Basic questions from an aspiring StarMade N00B

      Thanks for the feedback! I'll keep plugging away and practicing. So many ideas, so little talent. Lol. :-D
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      Basic questions from an aspiring StarMade N00B

      Hello Gentle-beings, Manifestations, and other Things, Long time lurker, and not an often poster here with a few questions for you, the teeming builders. 1. What is better for building medium to extra-large ships: SMeidt or the Star made editor? 2. Are Salvaging ships totally a waste now...
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      Still struggling to build a ship that does not look like guano. ;-)

      Still struggling to build a ship that does not look like guano. ;-)
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      The New Vecordean Fleetworks

      WB Vec! As always, checking out your designs makes me want to hurt my as to inspire them to create wonderful flying art like you do. Also, the Q&A sticky is a great idea. Congrats, and keep up the good work.
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      Thanks Schema!

      Evev as a newcomer, I have been very impressed with both the scope and potential of this game. The game is fun. The starship creation is fun. Schema, you made the fun! Thank you, and keep up the good work!
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      What is the easiest way to remove a huge laggy ship you accidentally spawned?

      Glad to ask the wrong questions at the right time! Lol Thanks again for the great and shiny responses. Keep Flying!