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      Finished University stuff! :) Still no interest in this game. :(

      Finished University stuff! :) Still no interest in this game. :(
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      Lost interest in game. Busy with University.

      Lost interest in game. Busy with University.
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      User Manual to the Space Battleship Mizuchi

      I actually don't know how much time I spent on building her in total... But I do know that I started about a year ago, working on her every once in a while with hiatuses of months in between. Fun fact: she started out as a side ship for a larger ship. I was trying to blend two conflicting...
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      Space Battleship Mizuchi - Update to fix a few logical misshaps

      Update to fix the following: -dock doors (Armored rail doors) -Remote for hangar bay doors -Made wings part of main ship (the side ships with turrets on them) -removed useless SPD_Undock remote Special thanks to Gmodism with his review. Helped me notice these small errors. Thank you all for...
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      User Manual to the Space Battleship Mizuchi

      I would like to see your take on those ships. Build away, and make the Space Battleship Yamato universe known!
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      User Manual to the Space Battleship Mizuchi

      Thanks for the compliments. This took me a while to build because of systems and logic. I think from now on I'll stick to making shells. I would like to see more Space Battleship Yamato inspired builds in this game.
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      Cake Build Server - The Most Delicious Build Server [Whitelist]

      IGN- CW390 Why you want to join the server- To look around and perhaps build. Example of your work- Space Battleship Mizuchi Your favourite type of cake- I'm not into sweets, but I have had some gooood pumpkin cake. mmm. Yes, Pumpkin cake.
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      StarMade Ship Size Comparison Chart

      Hey, would it be ok add my old ship the GCBS Archangel? Also, my Space Battleship Mizuchi? She is an inspired design not a replica. This is a sweet comparison chart btw.
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      User Manual to the Space Battleship Mizuchi

      User Manual Space_Battleship_Mizuchi _________________________________________________________________ Congratulations on purchasing your new Space Battleship! Before taking your new ship out for a spin, take a look at the instructions and contents for your ship. ---Table of contents---...
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      Space Battleship Mizuchi - Space Battleship (insert name here)

      Updated the 2 Wavemotion cannons to beams.
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      Space Battleship Mizuchi BP594

      Hey, I heard you liked Space Battleships. I like Space Battleships too, so I built another one. She has been named Mizuchi after someone suggested to look up Japanese sea monsters or gods. So... I re-watched Space Battleship Yamato 2199. (aka Star Blazers) Then inspiration struck me again...
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      CW390's Abandoned projects

      I currently have no inspiration to continue her right now. If I ever do get that inspiration again, then maybe I'll try bringing her back. For now, though, I am working on some other projects from time to time.
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      Abandoned Project Treasure Planet Ship 2016-10-09

      As the title states, this is an abandoned project of mine. She was built from inspiration from seeing Saber's RLS Legacy. She's based off this image of a ship: Her exterior is mostly complete (wedging on the sails is needed) and her interior is mostly empty. She was intended to be a role...
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      CW390's Abandoned projects

      As the title states, this is where I will post my Abandoned projects. These projects are here so that anyone can take and use them. Whether it be to start your own ship using my old project as a base, or to completely change it. Do as you please. As long as you give me proper credit where credit...
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      Abandoned Project Starship 2016-10-09

      This is an old project that I started after I saw the new Star Trek movie. Since then, I lost interest and inspiration to continue her. She is just a bare skeleton of what she could have been. Now I want to give her to all of you, to see if any of you can make something out of her. Please show...