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      Massage of the day

      Wow i had to look twice to see it... ^^ I thought the Welcome Message would apear in the chat, but its in the Spawn Screen Window. Is there any way to send a Massage to every joining user on a server? Or like i sayd a Massage of the day in the chat?
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      [EU/GER] LetsKautsch - Red Dragons

      Logbuch des Captains Abraham Harris, Sternzeit 43303.9 vom Sternenschiff Red-Dragon Es sind nun über ein Jahr vergangen, seit ich in eines der Wurmlöcher geschleudert wurde. Nachdem die Erde in ihre Einzelteile zersprungen ist. Verdammte Space Piraten... Ich bin damals nicht nur aus dem...
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      Massage of the day

      Hey Starmaders, Can anyone tell me how to set a Massage of the day on a Server? Many thanks for every answer Greez BiGEdge
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      Bug Beware! mixing up old and new Powerblocks

      Hey guys, long time not seen, but now i just wanted to test the new Powersystems. Ive builded a ship with the new Powersystem and it worked well. Then i startet a factory on a near planet and created Powergenerator blocks. But i havnt recognized that these are different from the new ones. So...
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      StarMade Ship Systems 2.0

      Hey why not starting a Vote or something how to name the new "Techpoints"? I read, mny people are disappointed with the given Name... When can we expect the final release update?
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      Bug Players invisible

      Im wondering if noone has recognized this bug yet... o.O I played on 3 different multiplayerservers and always had the same problem. But not only me, also every other player. Problem. If a Player uses Gravity Modules, area trigger, cores and some other modules the player disappears and will be...
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      Critical Error since last Patch

      This helped and solved the Problem, maybe an idea to set this as standard? Else i have to change this with every upcoming Update. And the other Problem was, i wanted to test the new Non-Cubic Blocks and the game crashed
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      Critical Error since last Patch

      ive posted my Settings in the first Post... yes
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      Critical Error since last Patch

      This fix worked and i got the Game running... pls make this Setting a standard with the next Patch. But now ive got an other Problem... After placing one of the new Non-Cubic Computerconsole my Game crashed with following Error. GLException: GL_INVALID_OPERATION
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      Critical Error since last Patch

      i were a Tester a Year ago or so... i know what matters ;)
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      Critical Error since last Patch

      I wanted to start a new Singleplayer Game to test the new Features. After 60% loading stopped and a hidden Error Window, only visible, when i strg+alt+entf appeared. Critical Error RuntimeExeption: data//shader/cube/lodCube/lodcube.frag.glsl 0(306) : error C1008: undefined variable "occlusion"...
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      Read by Council Fixing ideas for the Pickup Point

      Works perfekt if you would try it the right way around ^^ The Arrows lead to the Rails that point to the same direction. And the Drone/Shuttle Exit look like this Hope that helps The Ship where you can test it is here Fenn Drone-Carrier WIP Greez BiGEdge
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      Fenn Drone-Carrier WIP 2016-04-17

      Try out how to work with Mining Drones. This is a simple Ship to fly with some Mining Drones. - Spawn the Blueprint - press "K" and set all the docked Ships as parts of the Fleet - Fly to a Sector with some Astreoids - Right of the Core you find a Button to put out all the Drones - Press "K"...
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      Millennium Falcon 2016-04-13

      You ever wanted to fly like Han Solo? Just load this one! You better bring your best Friend with you... Dont has to be a Wookie, but better dont fly this one alone. Small Vessell Features: - 1,25mil DMG Primar Weapon - Turret usable when Pilot pulls it out. - Primary Gate and Landing Gear...
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      Do we need yet another crafting overhaul?

      In my opinion, I liked it a little more complicated like it was a few month ago. But its fine like it is right now, espeatially for new players. The only thing id like to see is resource rarity and a recicling system. 1. make resources more rare, like some resources only in systems with red or...