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    Bug Players invisible

    Discussion in 'Game Support' started by BiGEdge, Dec 11, 2016.

    1. BiGEdge

      Jan 26, 2014
      Im wondering if noone has recognized this bug yet... o_O
      I played on 3 different multiplayerservers and always had the same problem.
      But not only me, also every other player.

      If a Player uses Gravity Modules, area trigger, cores and some other modules the player disappears and will be invisible for others. Sometimes the marker of the player is on a nother position than where the player really is.
      I think there is a problem, with syncing the server with the real position of the client.

      I hope with the hype of upcoming NPC Update such gamebreaking bugs wouldnt be overseen.
    2. AndyP

      AndyP Customer Experience Manager

      Aug 15, 2013
      There are some small sync glitches for sure.

      Is it limited to some hardware types?
      As I have not yet seen this happen while being around other players.

      Do you have a place where it happens a lot, so we could make out a time and find the cause?

      - Andy