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    Zapp Brannigan Skin 1.1

    I am the man with no name. Zapp Brannigan, at your service.

    1. Star-Boy
      Here's my favorite space captain of all time!
      Post your favorite Zapp Brannigan quotes in the comment section.
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    Recent Updates

    1. Fixed the helmet

    Recent Reviews

    1. EMC007
      Version: 1.1
      "I hate these filthy neutrals, Kif. With enemies, you know where they stand, but with neutrals? Who knows? It sickens me."

      seeing this makes me want someone to build a Nimbus so i can throw New New York into the sun.

      (great skin btw)
      1. Star-Boy
        Author's Response
        The Nimbus is definitely on my list of ships to build, but it's a long list. If you check my community content I did a really nice Planet Express ship shell a while back. It doesn't have an interior or systems but it has moving landing gears, stairs, cargo bay doors/elevator, and a grappling hook. It also has Fry made from blocks in the turret on top. I plan to do a bunch more Futurama skins in the future. I'll probably release one a week until all the main characters are done. I want to do a bunch of Rick and Morty skins too.
    2. Brokengauge
      Version: 1.1
      I'm torn between " when I'm in command son, EVERY mission is a suicide mission" and "fire all weapons and open a hailing frequency for my victory yodel"