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    The White Falcon Order presents the Arquitens Class Light Cruiser, a vessel from the Star Wars Univerese.

    I started building the ship in this summer, but I took a little break and now the ship is in its final form. This build is optimized around AI use, so there is no interior. By the way, I'm thinking about to build the command cruiser version, but now let me show the specifications.

    Lenght: 326 m
    Width: 143 m
    Height: 59 m
    Blocks: 249,685 (without docked entities)
    Mass: 45,546 t (with docked entities)
    Reactor: 2,385,790 e/s
    Thrust/Mass Ratio: 1.4
    Top Speed: 275.8 m/s
    Shield Capacity: 15,295,500
    Shield Regeneration: 67,437/s

    - 4 Light Twin Turbolaser Battery (turrets)
    - 6,000 Cannon Modules with 3,000 Missile Modules (in the main entity)
    - 4,000 Missile Modules with 4,000 Damage Beam Modules (in the main entity)

    WFO Arquitens Class Light Cruiser_1.png

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      Changes: - refitted exterior - replaced old details - updated images

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    This is probably my favorite Arquitens on the dock, however I do have a few gripes

    - The engines seem a bit flat, it'd be nice if they had some more depth

    - The slabs all across the hull are a bit repetitive/unnecessary, I'd try and limit them or even remove them altogether

    - The reactor seems to be a bit small, or systems to strong? For me the reactor goes well above 100% when using all of it's systems.

    Overall a great build (I'd give it 4.5 stars), and I might consider stealing this one day to put in an interior if you don't mind ;)
    Thanks for the review! I will try to avoid my mistakes in the future and also you are free to put in an interior :D