VDK-Vrakhow-Frigate 2018-07-19

    Looks nice from the outside, interiors well done, nothing wrong with size either! When getting in I get an instant power failure, perhaps related to design in old system? Even so, some weapons are functional, and it can withstand a minor attack, but while testing, it eventually lost a combat
    to a wing of 4 QC Zongse Fighters (4 x 150 mass). With these testing results - minus from systems, plus from looks and rpg-feeling interiors.
    Thanks for the review!! But yeah for some reason it’s says power failure but everything still works so I think it’s bugged since it has some old blocks in it. Overall though I hope you enjoyed it, given its flaws.

    As soon as I get time I’ll release an updated version.
    Hello @Fugari2! Your Frigate is Excelent! It looks great from the Outside and is just as great with it's inside. And no, I got no problems with it's size -- I always liked building small in mass/size simply because I can't or don't have the time to build such behemoths :)

    The Best part of this build is it's awesome interior. Great use of Slabs and various blocks/wedges. Just, wow. (Would it be okay if I try/apply this (similar) style on my ships?)

    Anyways, System-wise, I can tell that the ship is definitely old (in a good way, it's awesome). I mean, I'm still seeing old blocks here that, I believe, no longer functioning. Like the Jump Drive/Module and the Old Weapon effect systems. You could start improving this ship In terms of performance by completely removing these old blocks. Should give the ship enough space for improved systems, etc. This should also help you improve Your thrusters' Integrity.

    Overall, this is a Very Nice ship. :)
    Im glad you like it! I build small for that exact reason as well, and because it allows more ships etc in a battle without crashing a server.

    And yeah no problem! y'all can use whatever you like from any of my ships. Part of the reason im too stubborn to replace it is its interior haha.

    haha yeah the ship is at least 2 years old, it actually used to be green etc lol. Im sure its full of old blocks that i missed when i attempted to refit it. I'll upload a updated version after i finish the fleet.