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    Type-52 Phantom dropship 2019-07-20

    Covenant dropship from the Halo universe

    1. MaartenAll
      Game version:
      Designed to be a fast and stealthy insertion vehicle, the type-52 is equiped with reactor chambers that heavily increase both it's maximum velocity as well as provide an effective stealth drive for a short amount of time and a decent warp drive.
      Alongside that the ship is also equiped with 2 plasma turrets (cannon-cannon) and a concussion cannon (missile) should it ever run into combat, although fighting is ofcourse not it's primary function.
      In-game the dropship is mostly designed to use as fast transport for either one person or a group of people, but the stealth drive even makes it possible to be used as a scout vessel.
      starmade-screenshot-0008.png starmade-screenshot-0009.png [​IMG]