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    Halberd-class Explorer

    Detailed further here: Halberd-class

    The Halberd-class is a class of technologically advanced exploration vessels, produced by Trident Fleetworks and in service with Trident Foundries.

    An offshoot of the Generation 2 Warship program, the Halberd retains several details from such warships as the Eris- and Enforcer-classes. However, it is made for exploration and cruising, and as such it's weapons and defences have been toned down, and extensive interior installed in its place.

    The vessel has a large hangar bay with Rail doors, that is large enough to accommodate a Trident Delta-class Dropship. When the doors open, the Dropship's platform raises upwards for easier takeoff and landing.

    In addition, there is a small sub-hangar and a small door in the bottom of the main hangar floor, for any ships inside the sub-hangar to disembark from.

    There is plenty of empty space inside the ship, to customise with new systems or to add the upcoming NuPOWERtm into your ship.

    MASS (w/rail) - 8,283.8
    L/H/W - 201m/42m/87m
    POWER CAPACITY - 1,796,463.6
    POWER REGEN - 788,516 e/sec (standard power)
    THRUST - 7,484.5 (0.9 T/M)
    SHIELD CAPACITY - 37,918
    SHIELD REGEN - 440 s/sec
    WEAPONS - Dual low-yield Plasma cannons (1002x2 d/shot 100% rapidfire)
    DEFENCES - Shields, Standard Armour
    JUMP DRIVE - Yes
    STRUCTURE HP - 1,519,459
    ARMOUR HP - 3,354,700
    OTHER FEATURES - Full Roleplay interior, included Delta-class Dropship, Rail Hangar Doors, Red Alert lights, Rail Lift, Two USD Airlocks
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    Front end is good but a bit boring. The back end with those sweet engines impressed me though. You should call this ship the Mullet because it's business up front and a party in the back.
    nice ship