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    Titanus Shipyards, Shop and Observatory Work in process

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    Released Ver. 0.200.334
    This is a station meant to build ships, shop for items and observe the system in peace and quiet. This station is not finished however feel free to download it and use it until the next update for this blueprint. The elevator is a set of templates from Gmodism Industries and the observatory will most likely be borrowed from the dock as well. I have not added it yet to the station. Otherwise everything else that is the station is mine so if are going to edit the blueprint then reupload it, I would at least like some credit. The shop has yet to be added as well because I'm still work out where to put docking for ships as well as another elevator. It also looks ugly right now so unless I get a request for a screen shot of the station, there will be no screen shot. Feel free to rate it as this my first attempt at building one. When it is done I will include a screenshot of the station. One other thing, this station uses the new power system so when you guys are rating it could you give me pointers on how to use the new power better? Since it is a work in process, I would like to get as much help as I possibly can.Ship in Screen Shot NOT included.
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    1. Here is the updated file. I'm updating it to include the full Observatory.

      Above is the Space Station. I am putting this screen shot because I received a request to do so...

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    i will use as home base now
    Kudos for using my astronomical observatory! :D
    It's nice to see that it got put into good use. The station is a little bare-bones in its current stage (version #2), but you are getting there. The journey / joy of building is what really matters. Have fun with it! :)