I'm just stopping by to say: Awesome job!

    I am a huge fan of entities within a build that bring it to life. Be it a lightswitch, an elevator, doors or all the other movable stuff that you incorporated into you build.

    For me Starmade is like Lego where you try to put action features into a build where it fits (or everywhere where it's possible :D) . I see that you are doing exactly this and seeing that makes me happy. :)

    Have a nice day, Sir.
    There is no such things as too much logic

    This ship is a amazing, and I wish every ship had this level of interact-ability, it is very showcase-worthy

    Just a few things I noticed while going around the ship:

    - The cargo lift might needs some streamlining, It's very well done, but there is a lot of buttons on the inside (The ship remote works great), and I got trapped a few times where it kept cycling me. Also I didn't test but shouldn't the clearance buttons be unnecessary, and it just matches whatever setting the landing gear is?

    - Missing block to the right of the galley doorway from the main hallway (It's a slab without a block under it, so you just fall into the ship)

    - Missing block above lower cargo block button (The button that is alone)
    That whole wall area is a bit different to the opposite side in the reactor though, so idk if it's intentional

    - Missing block (possibly) there is no glass slab above the faction module

    - Missing block, or more likely some remnants? In the Fusion reactor area, at the top of the room there is some gaps, but in those gaps are some tetra and heptas, and I'm guessing the room used to be bigger, and you just built over it

    - The button left of the faction module says [no data] for me

    - It looks like the upper bathroom window has a slot for a window shield to be put in, but it's not there

    - If that window was supposed to have a shield, and the others do as well, then I don't see why the galley one couldn't, as it looks like there is space in the hull to store the blast shield

    - Not any way to really get around this besides not falling in, but jumping into those hepta corners with the bars, sometimes you fall into the ship and get stuck if you don't jump out immediately, only seems to be some of the corners though

    Some of the highlights for me:
    - Toilet paper roll
    - The clothes in the closet, I don't even know how you did that, I'd love to see a tutorial lol
    - In the galley, that module halfway down, similar to the clothes, no clue how you did that, but it's very cool, and I didn't even process it at first
    - Bathroom gender sign
    - The way that the bathroom lock works is amazing and I might steal that
    - The airlocks are also very well done
    - Any systems that are exposed are really well done and functional
    - The variable landing gear for terrestrial and landing pad functionality
    - The bridge heads up displays are well done, and the hanging chairs are great
    - The locking mechanism for the bridge door, specifically the animation on the display module is very well done
    - The retractable turrets are great, and that automatic function is very cool
    - The VTOL feature is very cool
    - The balance between symmetry and asymmetry is very well done
    - The functional buttons, combined with display modules to inform you what's going on is great, and something I personally need to do better.
    - The system clock display module is very well done to showcase that it's functional
    - The grebles attached to the main engine (and the smaller ones), that shows it reconnecting to the ship is sooo well done, and looks amazing, especially the inset detail in the grates that is rarely ever going to be seen

    Final thoughts;
    This ship is absolutely amazing, and all of the small details, rail features, and docked entities make it very involved, detailed, and stunning
    Thank you so much!!

    Yeah, the cargo lift is easily a quarter of the logic in the ship, and it's definitely finicky. It does automatically match the landing gear height when it's in automatic mode - the reason I also included manual mode is because sometimes when you land on a planet, the terrain under the center of the ship is higher than the terrain under the landing legs, so if the lift extends fully it tries to push into the ground.

    The only windows that I included blast shielding for were the bedrooms - those windows just seemed really exposed and vulnerable to me, and you probably don't always want all of space to be able to see into your bedroom. I could definitely add shields for the other windows, though! It might also make sense to wire the shield sensor to the blast shields, so all the blast shields automatically close if the shields take damage.

    Thanks for pointing out those missing blocks! I hadn't noticed most of them. The glass screen in front of the navigator's seat is just an unfortunate consequence of the weird rail stuff - the buttons on the diagonal screens hanging from the ceiling are counted as full blocks, and on the navigator's side one of those buttons prevents a block being placed where that glass pane should be.

    I noticed the whole "falling through the ship" problem early on in the build process, but I just assumed it would fix itself when I started adding blocks underneath it (I built the interior first). I'll see if I can find any way to fix that.

    As for the half-offset blocks, that's a technique I just figured out!
    1 - Dock a new entity to your ship, and rotate it 45° in any plane that contains the axis you want to offset. Let's say you want to build a thing that's offset in the z plane, so you can rotate your entity in the xz or yz planes.
    - Now, if you build a diagonal line on the docked entity, it becomes a vertical line on the parent entity. In particular, if you build a rotator rail one block diagonally away from the rail docker, it has the same x and y coordinates (on the parent entity) as the rail docker, but a different z coordinate. Specifically, since the blocks are diagonally positioned, the distance between them in the z direction is the square root of two, or about 1.414m.
    2 - Now, dock another entity to that rotator, and rotate it 45° again. Now, the second docked entity is perfectly parallel to your ship, and its x and y axes match those of your ship, but its z axis is offset by 1.414m. The first docked entity just serves as a diagonal bridge connecting the two. You can also increase the diagonal distance between the rail docker and rotator to offset by any multiple of 1.414.

    Starmade is smart enough to figure out that the two entities can mesh in the xy direction, so you can do all the normal rail stuff, like putting two wedges face-to-face or putting blocks inside spaces. That's how I made half-block diagonals in the bridge, recessed some of the screens halfway into the walls, put the toilet paper rolls between two blocks, positioned the computer in the galley, offset the armrests on the chairs in the bridge, and squeezed all those clothes into the closets. It also seems like 0.414m steps created in this way are smoother to walk up than the 0.25m stairs you can make with slabs? I might be imagining that, but that could be a cool way to make working staircases without taking up tons of space with quarter slabs.

    I'll try to make a tutorial at some point! I'm not sure I have a computer that can handle making videos, but I'll see if I can find a creative solution. Thanks again for stopping by!