medium sized

    1. Captain_Cow

      TI Callisto Mk1 1.0

      I just came back to this game after not playing it since 2015-ish? This is the first ship I've made since being back. I went a bit overboard with rails, so if you like silly rail contraptions, I got you covered. ~ ~ ~ Just because it's the final frontier doesn't mean you can't travel in...
    2. Koyne

      Koyne_Koy 2017-12-13

      I like it, alot! I spent two days making it and i think it's my best looking and best performing creation so far. It's not a Fish :), but it's some kind of a frigate? i dont know im no Star Wars fan or any of that, i just like Building! The Power? uhm, im not so sure, i tried XYZ threading, i...
    3. Koyne

      Koyne_Xmas_blue 2017-12-10

      Its a blue Christmas ship, it has intense firepower and a lot of Shield and armor. It uses missiles+damage beam+overdrive effect. And for secondary it uses cannon+cannon for cover fire. I use the secondary to drain the Shield/destroy weapons while using the missiles to open the armor of the...
    4. Bladeriker

      Working on Hull Detail

      I have been working on improving my Hull detail level. I'm posting before and after on my current project though it could use some more work, Suggestions are welcome. I also plan to a complete turret refit. I have one other build hull detail style I want to try.
    5. foodice11

      Janni moderate raiding fighter By foodice11 1.0

      This is a redo and update of an old ship I would always use. Install as you would any ship. Enjoy!
    6. Unnamed25

      Wolverine Missile Destroyer V1

      The Wolverine Missile Destroyer is a 50k mass ship designed for long range bombarding of planets, stations and bringing down the shields of large ships. It is 238 meters long, 77 meters wide and 39 meters tall, and features 2 cannon+cannon+punchthrough turrets on the back for anti-block support...
    7. Eruadan

      Polywog 2015-12-08

      The Polywog is a non-combat law enforcement spacecraft. It has 9 anti-missile turrets, and two forward-facing beam weapons, one with an EMP effect, and the other with a stopping effect. It uses the official UDS on both of its docking ports, and includes a transporter (automatically set to public...
    8. Unnamed25

      Leggionare Heavy Frigate EF2

      The Leggionare Heavy Frigate is, a small/medium-sized ship with 76k blocks with a total of 6.8k mass, it is 106 meters long, 29 mts high and 59 meters wide, so it isn't a very large ship It has a missile computer with cannon slaves and piercing effect slaves which makes it pretty good at close...