The "Krypton V16" star-engine v1.2

    A well-built, stylish, dieselpunk ship with a ton of fun RAIL & LOGIC SURPRISES!

    1. DeepspaceMechanic
      Game version:
      0.199.646 (Classic systems)
      * ATTENTION! *

      When you check out this ship for the first time, please
      don't jump into the ship core with the F1+F8 command!

      Please enter the ship through the rear airlock, because this ship
      has a simple but fun little challenge before you can access its core.

      (The core in the bridge is covered with a glass slab that lifts

      only if you "turn on the engine" in the engineering area.)

      Allow me to present one of the latest and proudest productions of Cyberspace Shipyards:
      the "Krypton V16" star-engine.

      This project started out as an attempt to reuse a very nice bridge design that I blueprinted before continuing an older ship from which it originates. Once this ship got its general shape, I had a desire to build it in a ridiculous but damn-good-looking dieselpunk style with a lot of the same kind of thick, 3x3 armored piping that I had a lot of success with in this MEGA PROJECT: The "PetroFlux H56" Refueling & Repair Station.

      After I finished the make-believe V16 engine with its absurd exhaust manifold, I continued with those three "Octo-Drives" at the bottom with the blue glow and the jumpdrive modules in between them, and finished the exterior by building those four sweet engine pods. Then all that was left was some interior work and a metric ton of messing-around with rails and logic. As a final result, the ship contains 36 core blocks, a fun miniature quest, a high-speed tram, and just the right amount of rocket engineering jargon on displays to compensate the fact that this is basically an old steam locomotive with a silly, giant piston engine, meant for space travel. ;)

      Make sure to check out the living quarters and the end of the engine room too, and have fun while you're at it!

      • The package contains two color variants of the same ship, a black one with rusty pipelines, and a brown one with copper pipelines.
      • Upon spawning the blueprint you will find the ship in a "sleeping" state, but after you fire up the main engine all the bells and whistles and lights will jump into action.
      • This ship has a brother, Atlas E10, shown in the video below - I cancelled that project, but if you would like to see it closer/finished, just tell me in a message:



    Recent Updates

    1. Minor aesthetic changes.

    Recent Reviews

    1. Sarelth
      Version: v1.2
      The ship is amazing and well structured. Looks just superb.
      1. DeepspaceMechanic
        Author's Response
        Thanks for the review, I'm very glad to hear that you appreciate this ship :)
    2. darknassius
      Version: v1.2
      very nice ship ,lot of nice details in the exterior and interior nice job ^^
      1. DeepspaceMechanic
        Author's Response
        Thank you! :)
    3. Star-Boy
      Version: v1
      Great design. I think you could play up the locomotive angle a little more though. I think if you add something evocative of a smokestack up front it'd look good. Maybe some sort of cylindrical turret to give it a more trainish profile. A couple small dome shaped turrets between the cylindrical one and the bridge would complete the effect.
      1. DeepspaceMechanic
        Author's Response
        Thanks for the review. - I like those suggestions a lot. I'll definitely build a smokestack at the front for the first update, great idea. The reason I didn't even though about that is because the "engine hood" / top of the ship's nose follows a definite pattern, but the way I imagine it, it could be broken in a nice way. Will be easy to build that chimney/cylindrical turret, thanks for the suggestion.