The Bastion Initiative

    The Bastion Initiative 0.2.0a - Montalembert

    This is The Bastion Initiative's first feature update. It introduces a new Aegis Subsystem, the FTL Repeller Subsystem.


    Similar to the FTL Interceptor that was released with v0.1.0, the FTL Repeller blocks Jump Drive flight (or WarpSpace flight, if the mod is installed) that passes through its area of effect. However, instead of pulling ships into its own location, it forces them out at the edge of the radius. Any ship attempting to jump/warp from location to location within the area of effect will be expelled, and any ship attempting to jump or warp into the field from outside will be stopped at the edge.

    Linking Aegis Subsystem Enhancers increases the FTL Repeller's range. FTL Repellers can only catch ships within the same system, however their expulsion radius can be up to 2 systems wide.
    If a ship in FTL crosses the path of multiple anti-FTL countermeasures at once, the largest Repeller or Interceptor field in the earliest system the ship crosses will take precedence.

    Other Changes:
    • Fixed Bastion Fields not working due to StarLoader internal changes
    • Added a game rule config with a few options, including restricting FTL countermeasure use outside of faction territory
    • Dramatically increased the FTL Interceptor Subsystem's Enhancer requirements per added range, added diminishing returns
    • FTL Interception Subsystems now require more Enhancers (and Aegis Cells) to run at a given range
    • Fixed some potential issues causing Bastion Fields to erroneously fail to protect an entity under specific circumstances
    • FTL Interceptors can no longer be used within a star's burn radius.
    • Bastion Field should be less liable to attempt to update its active state when it shouldn't
    • Doubled amount of time since last disruption damage recieved before an Aegis System begins to regenerate disruption HP (now 5sec)
    • Aegis Systems will no longer change their reset times every time they activate
    • Reduced activation cost for Aegis FTL Interceptor to 5000 Aegis Charge
    • Structure owners should receive notifications if someone is attempting to DD their structures
    • The Castellium Centrifuge now gives 2x more Castellium for refining raw materials, to compensate for the loss of potential Macetine from capsule refinement.
    • May have implemented a workaround for a connection-blocking issue
    • v0.1.7a: Fixed some unintentional interactions with certain mechanics
    • Aegis Core UI should give correct information about the timing of the vulnerability window when disrupted
    • Stealth Interruptor can now affect ships in adjacent sectors
    • Increased Stealth Interruptor range to 100m per enhancer
    • v0.1.6c : Fixed some time-related bugs
    • Increased range boost per enhancer to 50m
    • Increased cost to online to 1000 Aegis Charge
    • Aegis Core GUI now displays specific information about linked subsystems (e.g. the range of a Stealth interruptor or FTL Interceptor)
    • Linking/unlinking subsystems while an Aegis System is active will deactivate the system
    • If an Aegis System is Disrupted successfully within 6 hours of its vulnerability window, the vulnerability time will be rolled forward 24 hours (to the next day). This should guarantee that defenders have time to organize a defense, and prevent lucky strikes that allow unopposable raiding.
    • Disrupted structures can no longer be entered, modified, or salvaged. This shows up as a faction permission denial for now; this message is a bug and will be fixed in the future.
    • Fixed several nullpointers and other miscellaneous bugs
    • Revamped internals of Aegis Core status updates and disruption flow; should yield less timing bugs overall
    • Vulnerability window now lasts 45 minutes
    • Minor balance tweaks
    • v0.1.4a: Docked entities, rails, and doors are no longer locked down when a structure is disrupted
    • Persistent information now saves with each autosave
    • Built compatibility against latest WarpSpace, uncertain but may fix an internal error.
    • 0.1.3c/d: Actually fixed aforementioned error. (still confused by it though.)
    • 0.1.3e/f: Fixed server soft crash on autosave
    • 0.1.3g: Potentially fixed runtime exception when approaching planets...?
    • Aegis Systems will regenerate disruption HP only after not receiving disruption damage for a certain interval
    • Fixed some planet-related bugs
    • Reactors now add 10 Structure Points per level (up from 1)
    • Disruption Datalinks should now apply to the correct entity regardless of where they hit in the entity tree
    • Disruption Datalinks should be able to constantly fire without interruption by cooldown