The airlock of your dreams? (template + dockable entity variants)

    The airlock of your dreams? (template + dockable entity variants) v1

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    Do you desire a deeply immersive airlock experience?
    Do you wish that your pressure chambers made a good initial impression on the visitors of your structures?
    Are you sick and tired of having to build sufficiently logiced entrances every time you're working on a new ship or station?
    Well, this little thing might remedy all such yearnings and annoyances!

    At a size of only 7x7x8 (9m wide with protruding decoration/open doors) it may come as a surprise that this airlock features such functionality:
    • docking interface compatible with the 'USD' standard
    • anti-claustrophobic interior space (3x3x3 meters)
    • two rail doors, both with windows
    • chair and medical kit
    • faction-permissioned buttons and gravity modules
    • button-spamming protection (they only do what they should, no matter how many times they're pressed)
    • door protection (they only open at pressures appropriate for the side they're meant to close off)
    • animated pressure gauge monitor (measures in Atmospheres, by factory default)
    • animated lighting:
      • pressurized state is indicated by green lights
      • depressurized state by red lights
      • in-progress pressurization by blinking green lights
      • in-progress depressurization by blinking red lights

    The flyable entity variant also includes faction block, reactor, shields, thrusters, and jumpdrive, and thus can be used as an escape pod!
    Strip its armor cover if you want it flush against large, outer surfaces (or if you intend to use it internally, in hangars, etc).

    The advantage of using the entity variant is that if you want several such airlocks on larger ships or stations, than you can just dock them, with no need to edit the seven displays per airlock (to prevent text loss). Doors also come prefitted with the entity variant.

    Its docker fits to rails placed in the USD position. To dock it fast and easy, use the "spawn on rail" loading option (in environments with admin privileges, eg. singleplayer).

    You can replace the Blast Door block (shown below) with a Docker block, built on the mother ship (with which you'll be able to hotbar-dock the mother ship).

    The advantage of using the template variant is higher control in the placement process. You can also alter its aesthetics without having to jump between entities.

    Disadvantage is that you'll need to edit (space/backspace) the text on the five hidden displays shown below (to prevent text loss, a bug with templates).

    You'll also need to dock its rail doors separately (blueprint included, use "spawn on rail" loading option).


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