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    TERMINATOR-PDO-T1 2019-02-26

    "Terminator" Point Defense Outpost Hull T1

    1. Tsnonak
      Game version:
      [SIS] Stuck In Space is proud to release the "first of its kind"...

      The "Terminator", Point Defense Outpost [PDO] (T1)!

      The Blueprint is being made public due to ongoing efforts to secure space against Ebil Pirates!

      [SIS] CEO Tsnonak has high hopes "this will help even the newest of newbs get off to a good start in the galaxy!"

      The Blueprint comes with the basic Hull structure and minimal Systems for super fast deployment!

      Ready to fit 6 Heavy Turrets in all 6 directions!

      Plenty of room for smaller anti-Missile Turrets [AMT], and anti-Astronaut Turrets [AAT] to ward off any stowaways looking to make a few bucks off your precious goodies!

      This outpost station is designed for customization by you!
      Using the advanced-build-mode "Select Tool", swapping blocks to add color, armor or anything you can imagine is a breeze!
      Thanks to its Modular design you can copy/paste sections to make it even bigger!

      Note: This design was not intended for use as a "Homebase", it is a "defensive Outpost", but it can be used as a base of operations for anything!

      without further adieu...

      The Specs...


      Note: The top & bottom "turret" platforms are 77meter diameter.
      The 4 around the station center are 67meter diameter, this is to "mix" it up a bit. ;)

      Some Lighting...