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    Systems Alliance Geneva Class Cruiser 1:2 2018-04-09

    Don't Fear the Reaper

    1. Serene-Switch
      Game version:
      An early release rough shell for people to mess with because I said Mass Effect, and I meant it! (to know what the hell I'm talking about see Systems Alliance SR-1 this shameless plug right here)

      starmade-screenshot-0065.png starmade-screenshot-0066.png starmade-screenshot-0067.png starmade-screenshot-0068.png

      To those of you following the progress of my faction building you may notice that, unlike the rest of my builds, this ship is 1:2 scale rather than the usual 1:1. After much internal debate I have decided that the Mass Effect, Halo, and Battlestar Galactica factions will be, with few exceptions, built at 1:2 scale.

      While this decision bothers me personally, I hope that it is less bothersome to you all. My reasons for this are twofold
      1. The balance of the factions with each other works best with similarly sized vessels
      2. The computing requirements for a faction relying significantly on 700m+ vessels would most likely cause even the thoughest rigs to lag (imagine for a moment fighting a Valkyrie Class Battlestar with 100+ turrets, times 10)

      Looking at the vessels so far (see pics below) I believe this is the right decision, and as always, I apologize to anyone who was looking forward to a 1:1 scale Death Star.

      starmade-screenshot-0062.png starmade-screenshot-0063.png starmade-screenshot-0064.png

      Oh yea, there's an Autumn on the way too. ; )

    Recent Reviews

    1. MChain
      Version: 2018-04-09
      A wonderful replica of a wonderful ship.

      Oh, btw, will the civ ships be included? Namely the Kowloon or the Athabasca?
      1. Serene-Switch
        Author's Response
        Yes, they are intended as either the Freighter or miner, depending on if I can find a more appropriate miner or not.
    2. Ael's
      Version: 2018-04-09
      Very good work, I hope to see the family getting bigger (Mass Effect Ship) :)