wip ship

    1. Malum Phasma

      AM-010 Muriela 0.82

      The Pitch: Introducing Malum's Malignant Machineries medium class miner, the AM-010 Muriela! Don't like blocky shaped craft? Want a comfy bed or toilet on your mining ship? Then go elsewhere because here at MMM we pride ourselves on building nothing but machines that get the job done! Tired of...
    2. Serene-Switch

      Republic Heraklon Class Miner (WIP) 5519

      Wasn't planning to upload so soon, but is now here for safe keeping due to BP shenanigans.
    3. Serene-Switch

      Republic Pelta Class Frigate (WIP) 5519

      Wasn't planning to upload so soon, but is now here for safe keeping due to BP shenanigans.
    4. Serene-Switch

      CDF Bloodhound Class Frigate (WIP) 5519

      Wasn't planning to upload so soon, but is now here for safe keeping due to BP shenanigans.
    5. Serene-Switch

      CDF Greyhound Class Battleship (WIP) 2019-05-05

      Wasn't planning to upload so soon, but is now here for safe keeping due to BP shenanigans.
    6. Serene-Switch

      UFP Excelsior Class Heavy Cruiser(WIP) 2019-02-25

      As usual this is an early release for another one of my AI builds, I did however get a little carried away building it (as it is my favorite ST ship, fight me) so there is some minor detail and a rough draft of the systems as well. Overall I think it's fairly accurate so far, though I did try...
    7. Serene-Switch

      Systems Alliance Geneva Class Cruiser 1:2 2018-04-09

      An early release rough shell for people to mess with because I said Mass Effect, and I meant it! (to know what the hell I'm talking about see Systems Alliance SR-1 this shameless plug right here) To those of you following the progress of my faction building you may notice that, unlike...
    8. Serene-Switch

      UFP Apollo Class Refit 2018-02-13

    9. Serene-Switch

      Earth Federation Nahel Argama (WIP) : )

      Old New
    10. Serene-Switch

      UFP Miranda Class Refit : )

    11. Serene-Switch

      Galactic Republic Consular Class C-70 (WIP) : O

      As The Republic often enjoys long periods of peace, it is also prone to long periods of disarmament. In response, the Republic Judicial Fleet wastes no time in commisioning any ship they can get there hands on and refiting it for combat, and the Consular Class is no exception. Given the ships...
    12. Quantum_Entanglement

      The Aurora class battleship Stargate

      I present The Aurora, this Ship is a modeled after the Aurora-class battleship form the Stargate series. The Aurora-class battleship is one ship in a series of Lantean battleships used during the war between the Wraith and the Lanteans. This Ship is still Heavy WIP. When done it will resemble...
    13. Serene-Switch

      UFP Constitution Class Refit 4/24/18

      The Constitution Class Refit from the Star Trek original movies with some Canon and Non canon influences.
    14. Serene-Switch

      Galactic Republic Dynamic Class Freighter 1

      Serene Forgeworks proudly presents one of Core Galaxy Systems most popular designs the Dynamic Class Freighter. The vessel is renowned for its unseeming high cargo capacity, high durability and remarkable speed. Designed to be easily modified, the ship has become a favorite of many through out...
    15. Serene-Switch

      Galactic Republic Hammerhead Class Cruiser (WIP) ; )

      For Trask, For the Republic! The Hammerhead Class Cruiser served as the backbone of the Galactic Republics Navy for over 3000 years. With such a large territory and a diverse number of threats The Republic need a vessel capable of combating enemies, keeping the peace, patroling its space, and...
    16. Serene-Switch

      Earth Federation Salamis Class Cruiser : )

      The Earth Federations most notorious cruiser and the bane of Zeon forces everywhere, The Salamis.
    17. Felix101

      USN 813 "EXODUS" Battleship WIP 0.5

      The ship is a mix of a carrier and a battleship, basically a star destroyer but with heavy main weaponry and as much rooms to explore as possible. Currently its 1236m long, 162m high and 345m wide. The main weapons are different rocket systems and a twin gatling gun to even blow ships above 1km...
    18. PainNigouto

      D.I.001 - Cyclone Battlecruiser 2016-12-13

      The Doomstar Imperium Presents: the Cyclone Battlecruiser(WIP) the shell is almost complete.. but i'm having a hard time finding the right kind of bridge exterior, even before the doors were in place. and ship bellies have never been my strongest suit so i'll have to think about that...
    19. EnerJay

      Beginner's ship

      Hi all, I've been playing for about 3 hours on single player and was wondering what you all think about my little cargo/salvage ship? It's very very WIP but what do you all think? Wasn't sure where in the forums to post this and also any critique/advice is very much appreciated
    20. M

      MH(medium harvester) ship buildlog

      Since i am still being more public on my ship construction i am going to be showing the progress on a WIP ship i am doing. Q: Why are you making that ship? A: Due to the new, larger asteroids, i require a ship than is capable of harvesting faster and with more cargo volume than my LH which i...