Subsystem HP

    Subsystem HP 0.1.009

    As per the title, no content changes.
    SSHP should now be compatible with the latest version of Starmade. Furthermore, the total SSHP of a ship (depletion of which triggers overheating) should now be more reasonably calculated.

    Finally, some bugs in how SSHP interfaces with the base game systems should now be resolved.
    In the UI, the value by which raw damage is multiplied to SSHP damage is now displayed.
    Please remember to delete your SSHP configs for this update to take effect.
    The mod is now actually tested to function as advertised on the release version of Starmade.
    Sufficient SSHP loss now causes a reactor overheat. SSHP is now compatible with the release version of Starmade, using reflection to duplicate a neccessary feature in the dev branch.