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    SIMPLICITY v0.004

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    Simplicity picks up where v0.201.378 QuickFix left off due to the unexpected release of v0.202.86.

    As StarMade modding moves closer to reality, the time for customConfigs is approaching!
    This config aims to give servers and single-players an alternative to the default-vanilla config...
    something that has not been done since 2014 / 2015.

    This config brings back the simple StarMade which ended with v0.201.378.
    Ships & stations built to v0.202.86 QF-Config are usable with Simplicity!

    This config is for players:
    • not interested in META / exploits.
    • not interested in blockspamming layers upon layers of armor.
    • that want more build freedom.
    • that want simplicity.

    Custom-Config-Concept / Lore

    Damage Beam:

    Energy-weapons are best against shields (energy-shielding), they disrupt shield stability.
    Reduced efficiency against armor: it takes time to heat / melt blocks that are built to resist [EM] effects.
    Death-Beam re-instated and v0.202.86 compliant to keep the new long-range-sniper-pulse delivered with the v0.202.86 release!
    New combo is beam + missile, it is now a short-range high intensity beam (<20km)!

    Cannon / Missile:
    Kinetic + Thermal (heat) weapons are best against Armor.

    missile speed throttled back: 8
    QF-v0.202.86 : 30 is too fast for current alpha AI.

    MissileHP has been buffed: 0.015 of damage...
    Positive test results with a combination of missile speed + missileHP, it is possible to shoot missiles down...
    if AMTs cannot shoot missiles down; AMTs are too small, missiles are too big, or attacking ship is too close!

    All types: devastate systems!

    Armor has been reverse-engineered to pre 0.202.86 and is working better than before (0.201.378*)!

    The highly scalable nature of StarMade makes it hard to find a "golden mean", large weapons are devastating for any target.
    This config gives damage a new "scale"; small scale weapons will have to grind a bit to destroy armor, large scale weapons will have to work a bit harder, and [EM] based weapons are simply not the most efficient against armor.

    RechargePerBlock has been buffed back up to 15.
    Power consumption reduced.

    Thruster rollover has been pushed high enough to not matter for casual players, (ca. 1,000,000 mass).
    ... but that does not mean it will be easy to go fast, ooh no, it will require sacrifices to other systems to achieve higher speeds as your ships grow larger!

    How to Install: Unzip files... Copy the files as follows:

    customBlockBehaviorConfig.xml - into the customBlockBehaviorConfig folder...
    PATH: C:\.... StarMade\customBlockBehaviorConfig

    BlockConfigImport.xml - into the customBlockConfig folder...
    PATH: C:\.... StarMade\customBlockConfig

    Once the config has been installed and game ran once (1), I recommend deleting / re-naming the BlockConfigImport.xml,
    (to speed-up load times, values will be safe in StarMade\data\config\blockConfig.xml until the next update is performed*).

    Revert back to vanilla configuration:

    1. Delete or rename the customBlockBehavior.xml
    2. Delete or rename the BlockConfigImport.xml, (if not already done as recommended above*).
    3. Update Starmade backwards to the previous release, then back up to the current release again,
    (this must be done to replace the blockConfig.xml with the default configuration, or make a backup of the original first!).

    ReadMe.txt included for installation and converting back to default configs*


    X Power changes complete!
    X Stabilizer changes complete!
    X Shield changes complete!
    X Weapon power changes complete!
    X Thruster power changes complete!

    shield recharge: RechargePerBlock: 15 - (QF-default: 5)
    Beam: PowerConsumptionCharging: 50.0 - (QF-default: 100.0)
    Missile: PowerConsumptionCharging: 50.0 - (QF-default: 100.0)
    Cannon: PowerConsumptionCharging: 50.0 - (QF-default: 100.0)
    Thruster: PowerConsumptionPerBlockInUse: 12.5 - (QF-default: 25)

    Temp Inertia-QuickFix included, (stops giant ships from turning like fighters*).
    (QOL) quality of life enhancements included*

    Weapon tests w/ 250 block weapon-systems:


    Compare to current v0.202.86... adv. armor:

    (beams seem to vary depending on angle*)

    Beam cooldown: 10 seconds
    Cannon reload: 1 second
    Missile reload: 3.3 second

    1-Beam-shot = 10-Cannon-shots = 3-Missile-shots

    Weapon tests w/ 250 block weapon-system-combos:
    cannon+missile / cannon+beam
    advanced armors give more protection against artillary-cannon(cannon+beam)
    more acid-damage can be observed from the charge-cannon(cannon+missile / railgun) and deeper penetration from the artillary-cannon on basic armor.

    Bonus Pic:
    Centurian damage: 17,500+ block artillary-cannon w/ 92.2% secendary + 92.2% heat-effect
    left to right, basic, standard, adv.
    slight variations in depth could be observed...
    basic: 23m / 1 destroyed @ bottom
    standard: 22m / 9 destroyed @ bottom
    advanced: 22m / 1 destroyed @ bottom
    Compare to current 0.202.86 release here, (the small hole is the cannon*).

    Weapon tests w/ 5 block weapon-systems:

    Small weapons will take longer to penetrate, but are not useless!

    Too much for extensive, exhaustive testing... it is however looking very good, small ships are able to chew threw armor with basic weapons, without secondary or effect support!

    single (1) layer armor...

    5 block cannon:
    advanced: 64 shots: 1 block
    standard: 43 shots: 1 block
    basic: 17 shots: 1 block

    5 block missile:
    advanced: 26 shots: 1 block
    standard: 13 shots: 1 block
    basic: 7 shots: 1 block

    5-block beam: löl

    25 layers of armor...

    5 block cannon:

    advanced: 64 shots: 1 block
    standard: 43 shots: 1 block
    basic: 14 - 16 shots: 1 block

    5 block missile:
    advanced: 26 shots: 1 block
    standard: 13 shots: 1 block
    basic: 7 shots: 1 block

    5-block beam: löl

    weapon-systems + 100% secondary / 100% effects:

    ::: LOADING...

    Also recommended: Vanilla Extension 250 Pack ... no point waiting for these!
    Proven "Update compatible" since 2018!

    We will be integrating the two in a future update, (maybe= U2.0 dependent)!


    These configs target casual Daves, i.e. players not interested in hardcore-blockspam-Meta-PvP.
    Fact is; game assets, most community content, and casual players do not build to this codex.
    Casual players will benefit from this most.

    This config is a work in progress, it is not perfect, nor finished.
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