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    Romulan Warbird: Carrier (hull) 2016-10-01

    Big, green and mean

    1. OmegaGame
      Whats the point of having half a billion federation ships on the docks if you don't have any other trek factions to fight against or with?.. I intend to alleviate that with a bunch of upcoming trek faction ships ranging from the Romulans, Klingon, Dominion, Vulcan..etc..etc First Up is a Romulan Warbird Carrier. I chose the carrier as it offered the most interior space for systems.

      There is one minor issue however.. Which is that the core is off center. I tried for hours to copy paste the ship with a better core position. I tried moving the core with smedit. But each and every time i would crash the game/program.. But its not like it really matters when you switch to a well placed camera. But thought you should know regardless. Also bear in mond that i make this ships at or close to 1:1 or bigger.. So be prepared for a large ship.

      Cant wait to see someone complete it!!