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    Popup message fix [Unneeded as of 0.19318] 2015-06-24

    This is a simple mod, it moves the popup messages that overlap your map and advanced build panel, so they are positioned below the advance build panel.


    Merge the 'Starmade' folder in the ZIP with your games 'Starmade' folder.
    Replace the file when asked.
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    1. Fix update! [aljo done the hard work!]

      Simple update of moving value around, which aljo decided to do! So everyone spam him/her love...

    Latest reviews

    Thanks so much :)
    Bringin' it back to life... =D
    Sorry to break your streak, is it not compatible with the latest version? Causes game to crash at 99% loading.
    Interesting. I'll have a look into it.
    Why isn't this vanilla already?
    you are my hero, Crusade.
    Good bye popups over build mode!

    Also props for just putting zip here rather than mediafire.
    Why the hell is the default position of a screen you can't get rid of on top of the main control panel in the first place?
    It's great! Thank you for making this. I hope this gets into the game itself as an option.
    Why is this not default?
    Extreme usefull, ty !!