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    [unsupported] Crushade 0.7

    The shader collection you've always wanted!

    1. Crusade
      The ultimate shader pack


      By popular demand, I am pleased to announce you can now get all my top shaders in one performance-taxing pack! This shader modpack includes:


      3D Beams
      Cinematic Stars
      Extended Shadow Draw Distance
      Grey Logic Pipes
      Larger Thruster Plumes



      1: Download the mod

      2: Open the zip file,
      you will see a 'Starmade' folder

      3. Navigate to your active Starmade directory

      4: Drag the Starmade folder in the ZIP
      NEXT to your games Starmade folder

      5: Your computer should ask to merge folders
      Click yes, it should then ask to replace files
      Again click yes

      6: Your mods should now be installed!

      Happy Building!​

    Recent Reviews

    1. Genkis
      Version: 0.7
      I cant get this to work. Are there specific settings i have to use?

      I installed it just as you explained it but the game just looks like it always does.
      1. Crusade
        Author's Response
        did you totally restart your game? Are you sure you installed to the correct location?
    2. Felix Bardner
      Felix Bardner
      Version: 0.7
      Gives me an 'undefined variable' error to do with occlusion when I turn on shadows. Thruster plumes do not show up at all. The sun looks horrendously gigantic. I've tried undoing the damage by force re-downloading and overwriting my game files, but then it just plain crashes. I'm giving this a good rating because I see others got it to work successfully and I know these problems are my fault, but I would appreciate any guidance on how to either completely uninstall it or get it to work properly.
    3. Rumcajz
      Version: 0.7
      nice done. :)
    4. MinerManC3X
      Version: 0.7
      I can't install it ;-; It won't work, please help
      1. Crusade
        Author's Response
        Did you follow instructions? I'll create a video tutorial
    5. generalBLT13
      Version: 0.7
      10/10 would lag again! But seriously, this makes my game look a lot better.
    6. Wrathserker
      Version: 0.7
      Better than porn.
    7. Comradecolonel
      Version: 0.7
      10/10 for pun
    8. kikaha
      Version: 0.7
      Awesome thanks !