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    PDT-M-700-TSTC 2019-01-05

    PD Missile Turret M-700

    1. Tsnonak
      Game version:
      v 0.201.341x
      Due to recent breakthroughs in Turret-Technlogy R&D, Stuck In Space [SIS] is proudly releasing one of its older and best small anti-spacecraft defensive turrets to the public!

      This is an updated version of an older model with a prooven track record of "hitting its target"!

      Able to withstand enough incoming damage to warrant off all smaller attack crafts, the low production costs are simply the best "Bang for your Buck"!

      Top Sekret Test Corp [TSTC] has cleared mass-production for upload to all shipyards!

      The specs...



      Rear launcher and docking-core access, (1 faction modul incl.)

      See you In Space ;)