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    NOMAD_V2_HVY_EXT 2019-02-03

    Nice small salvage craft - RP

    1. Tsnonak
      Game version:
      [SIS] Stuck In Space is proud to release the NOMAD_V2_HVY_EXT salvage craft blueprint for public use!

      This original design concept is a direct derivativ from "going topless" with the much loved; Nomad-starter-miner!

      Testing is complete and this vessel has been tarned the most "user friendly" craft in our line-up!

      Extra sturdy crystal glass used on all the large windows to allow for an almost full panoramic view of the galaxy!

      The view from the captains chair is simply awesomesauce as you adventure your way through the universe!

      The specs: concentrated 112 Beam salvage array w/ 3x penetration + mining and FTL chambers!



      The amazing glass roof!


      This "base model" allows for customization of interior/exterior and systems!

      The Storage is tucked away neatly and pre-connected for optimised unloading procedures!

      Comes equiped with 2x telescoping-USD-dock-extensions to accomadate "interstellar" meetings with your buds!
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