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    NDS - Falkland Class Light Defense Platform 2017-04-11

    NDS - Project 560

    1. Guthris
      NDS - Falkland Class Light Defense Satellite

      Project 560 // Tier 1 Light Defence Platform // Border Defense Initiative

      First in the line of defensive technology aimed at protecting your assets and increasing situational awareness of all the ongoing activity inside your sovereignty.

      The satellite is a short range standoff against covert ops vessels. Offensive capabilities are limited to low yield missiles and and our propitiatory Triplex turret. Line of sight missiles, overcharged missile interception and automated anti-astronaut lock-on missiles.

      High regenerative shielding protects the station against minor threats.
      Shield Rating: C [≥5-10 seconds]

      2.000.000 Shield HP 385.000. HP/s Regeneration

      2 x NDS - Raytheon Triplex AMS V1G2
      8 x NDS - Helsing Light Rocket V1G2
      16 x NDS - Tor Nano AMS V1G2

      2 x Aegis AN-16C X-Band Radar


    Recent Reviews

    1. Ribbons0121R121
      Version: 2017-04-11
    2. OmegaGame
      Version: 2017-04-11
      Pretty neat idea that is aesthetically stunning. But i would like to have seen some jump inhibitors and cloak breaking logic driven tech implemented to give it all of the defensive measures you could ask for
      1. Guthris
        Author's Response
        Thanks for the review. As scanners dont respond to logic i cant yet make it cloak breaking. The lack of inhibitors is since its only the light version. Bigger aspirations are underway and will put all other gunplatforms to shame http://prnt.sc/ena68f