MRGS Heavy Miner

    MRGS Heavy Miner 200514

    Game version
    My Heavy Miner.

    Built as the command and control ship for my WIP mining carrier it's designed like a freight container so it can dock to the underside of the carrier.

    A large salvage beam double waffle for melting asteroids.
    Comes equipped with two large beams for planet demolition and 3 AMS turrets for point defense.
    The ship has 5 active chambers, pink hull filler has been left around the reactor where 3 extra chambers can be added if desired.
    The ship has RP crew quarters and an extensive cargo area. 1.5 million cargo as is, though there's a fair bit of RP space available for extra storage fill if required.
    2 million shield capacity.
    2.2 thrust ratio when empty.
    Reactor alignment (35,45,0)

    Enjoy! :)
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    5.00 star(s) 6 ratings

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    Latest updates

    1. GSI_Heavy_Miner QF Update

      Refitted for QF, the Heavy Miner has the same salvager as previously but that's about it...
    2. MRGS_Heavy_Miner_02

      Discovered a rather major error in the salvage array of the original exported sment. Surprised...

    Latest reviews

    Best Mining ship in my fleet, another great build from MrGrey
    Damn Baby, She Thicc :ppp
    Great Ship! I cant wait to see what more wonders you bring to the dock!
    Now >that< is a sexy mining/freight ship!
    I swear, I've been vaguely dreaming of seeing something of this kind since day one; thank you! This is absolutely perfect! From every tiny detail, to the massive engines that simply demand respect, to those almost gentle lines of the cockpit-part! Sincerely, thank you, I adore this with all my heart
    Fantastic to know. Such a response really motivates me to get the rest of the carrier finished. Thank you.
    Lovely ship! I really admire the small detail you put into this. A few different things I loved was the 'force field' behind the exterior doors, very nice. The cargo bay was really neat and then I saw the Large cargo bay with the arms, so cool! Overall very nicely designed ship. Didn't fly test it but from the look of the systems, it looks like a mining beast. Thanks for this submission :)
    I nearly skipped the lower cargo dock and was just going to fill it with storage but thought someone might appreciate a little extra detail. Glad you like it and thanks for the feedback.