MRGS Exploration WarpGate 01 140319


    1. MrGrey1
      Game version:
      A small Exploration WarpGate designed as a starter station with a free target gate for easy exploration. The station has RP areas and a small factory. A starter ship with salvage and astrotech abilities also comes with the station.

    Recent Reviews

    1. Gmodism
      Version: 140319
      Overall a very nice beginners survival station, it's believable and it looks nice, some logic may be broken in this version, but that is most likely a fault of starmade and wireless connection bugs rather than author.
      Great station for survival (whenever that is playable again) and a very nice looking small jump-gate.
      1. MrGrey1
        Author's Response
        Thanks for the heads up on the wireless problem. Will put it on the list of things to fix.