Mamoth-class mining barge

    Mamoth-class mining barge v2.0

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    The Mamoth is essentially a 400 m long, powered stick with every necessities of a mining barge connected to it in the form of a torrus or wings. The largest torrus that also houses the 5600 group mining array and the reactor is cut into 2 segments. The smaller segment is moved to the edge of the stick to make space available for the bridge.
    With 2.3 million storage space the ship can continue mining for a heavily extended amount of time before it has to drop of it's harvested resources, therefor receiving the name 'mining barge'.

    I should add that a powerful processer on your pc is no excessive luxury, as almost 6000 groups can make the game run rather slow. Fortunatly mining only takes a few seconds and has an automation that can be turned onby connecting the salvage computer to the AND-module below the bridge's floor. Turn it off by deleting the salvage computer in build mode and pressing 'undo' immediately after (not in astronaut mode!). The automatic mining is turned on by default and is controlled by the inner ship remote in the hotbar.

    The Mamoth is one of the largest projects that I've worked on (and completed) so far, so it was for a large part an experiment for a large-scale mining ship. Despite this I hope you find a use for it and maybe like the design as well.
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    I give a 3-star rating mainly because of practicality, I really like the design, but as you stated... it is a burden on user systems and an abomination for MP-servers.