Light Cruiser:  IST - Frigito

    Light Cruiser: IST - Frigito 5.5

    Great ship. It has been fun watching the ship being built from the rough sketch, from figuring out the turrets and designing the interior/logic.

    Well done!
    Thank you i really appreciate it! I could not have made this ship without your assistance!
    Very detailed build with a fair number of logic and rail features. Those make builds a lot more interesting.
    Did notice a floating button in one of the crew quarters. That just a nitpick though.
    The color scheme makes this ship hard to spot in space. Its effective camouflage.
    The angled turrets are a nice addition to the turret setup. And you sure have a lot of them on a ship this size.
    Thank you so much for the review Tshara! I had a lot of fun putting this ship together and definitely may have gone overboard on the turrets hahaha! I'm glad you pointed out the color scheme as being an effective camouflage, i never thought of that before! Also your builds were a big inspiration of mine while i was building this ship, the Radiant Dawn actually heavily inspired the bridge area an was my original base when i was thinking about early design!