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    Industrial stairs pack 2019-05-07

    Vertical astronaut displacer

    1. Tshara
      Game version:
      Vertical astronaut displacer:

      A number of stairs templates in different configurations. An easy way to get around your station or ship.


      1. S062.jpg
      2. S063.jpg

    Recent Reviews

    1. Alsos
      Version: 2019-05-07
      Actually a really cool design i never would have considered myself. Was trying to create something similar rather than use full blocks. Keep forgetting about the bars so this is great.
    2. falco708
      Version: 2019-05-07
      really cool design
    3. klawxx
      Version: 2019-05-07
      This is awesome. The only thing else I could Imagine to be better is if you also did a logic template with examples of scape pods and docking bay rails, so we mortals could also learn them as well =)
      1. Tshara