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    Imperial Star Destroyer [CHIBI version]

    A chibi imperial star destroyer,exterior only,shell

    1. SkylordLuke

      LENGHT: 250m

      for builders and players who cant handle 1:1 scale versions. A complete shell of a destroyer for you to customize.


    Recent Reviews

    1. BenjiD
      Version: [CHIBI version]
      I have waited for this for a while and man was it worth it. I wish there was a interior with some weapons but the shell is very well made with good detail, well done.
      1. SkylordLuke
        Author's Response
        thank you very much,i will build an interior version,im just nor eager about it because we are all waiting on power update that developers are talking about. Its a scary thought that a full interior might become obsolete once the update comes,that is why im holding off from building interiors and systems. But it will come eventually :)